The Charmer from above

I was the gray mouse, the one that no one saw. Niall was the man who was everything else. He charmed everyone and he got whatever and whoever he wanted.


9. To make love

I sat in the kitchen with my teacup. I looked out in the yard by the window and I collected myself. It was as if my new life was just awkward. In the past I would have been happy with a book, an old movie on the TV or to just be me. Now there appeared questions all the time. Would I manage to keep my appearance at the same level? Wanted really Perrie and Eleanor be friends with me. I asked myself such questions and the last question concerned only Niall. There was no question, it was rather thoughts. I couldn't help but remember all his words, all his face and I realized that I had really fallen for him. He was perfect, but he was forbidden fruit.


There was a knock on the door and I went tired to open. The sun was going down and I was really tired. Lately, I realized how important sleep was and I needed to sleep more regularly against in the past. I opened the door and I was just standing. Niall stood there and he looked just as uncertain as I did. 
"How are you?" 
I swallowed. 
He looked down at the floor, and he seemed almost unsure. 
"We need to talk." 
I hesitated. 
"Niall, there's nothing to talk about?" I got out of me not to brush against the truth. "You're going to win the bet and that's what you wanted?"
He frowned and he pulled his foot gently over the door sill. 
"May I come in?" 
I nodded. I let him in and I closed the door. 
"You wanted to win." I said quickly. I spun around and without asking me, Niall pulled me into his arms. I felt his arms around my back and his lips met mine. At first I was almost shocked, but somehow I managed to answer the kiss. Niall pushed me up against the door and he was intense. I stopped thinking and I stopped to ponder. I took my arms around his neck and I moaned lightly. His tongue was playing with mine and it was almost like a fight. I just felt lust and passion. I couldn't stop, and the question was if I wanted to quit?


Niall ended the kiss and he looked at me. He was breathing heavily but he didn't let go of my body. 
"Damn, you make me go crazy." he groaned. "You're the only one I can think of and I want you." 
I hesitated. 
"Niall, I'm still your neighbor?" 
He groaned. 
"Does it matter?" 
I swallowed. 
"I don't know?"
I felt Nialls hands pulled up my dress and he let his hands slide across my back. He pressed himself against me and I felt that he was hard between his legs. Okay I didn't have any experience, but I knew what it meant. He rubbed himself against me and I was just even more horny by his movements. It was as if we both hesitated, but no one wanted to stop. Niall let his hands pull down my panties and when I groaned, but I didn't resist, he smiled. 
"Sally, I think I love you." 
He kissed me again and I felt him ripping my panties off. He pulled up the dress and let his hands discovering my body. I was as hot wax in his hands and I followed every movement he made.


In the end, I stood naked in front of him. I wasn't embarrassed and I didn't blushed. It was as if I wanted him to see me and he saw me. He kissed me, he stroked me and finally I was like crazy. I quickly snapped up his shirt and it slid down to the floor. Niall unbuttoned his pants and he stripped naked. I felt his hard member landed on my stomach and I wanted it. I wanted the whole Niall and I wanted him now.


I was surprised when Niall took his hands under my butt. He lifted me up against the door and he pushed me hard up against the cold surface. I took my legs around his waist and I managed to continue to kiss him. Niall groaned and then he penetrated. I was like crazy. It was wonderful to feel him fill me up and I groaned higher. I received him and I felt him slid in all the way. Niall groaned and he ended the kiss. He looked straight into my eyes. I pulled my hands through his hair and I closed my eyes. He slowly began to move on his body and I felt him rapidly increasing pace. He pounded me into the door and in the end it was as if he almost was hooked up. He moved quickly and I felt how he filled me to the brim. I whimpered and I tried not to scream out straight. Niall was red in the face and he had his mouth wide open. His face was just inches from mine, and he looked straight at me. He didn't let me go a moment with his eyes. Instead, he continued to move his body against me and he brought harder his cock in me.


I wasn't in my right mind. I whimpered and I loved that he took me. Niall dropped me on the floor and he slipped quickly out of me. I felt his face landed between my legs and I felt how he got my body to almost explode on the spot. I screamed and I took my hands over his head. I took my legs around his shoulders and I moved up against him. He took care of my most sensitive part and I couldn't do anything about it. Instead, I pulled my nails through his hair and I pressed myself against him. I tossed my head and I couldn't lie still. I had never experienced it before and I realized that I loved having sex, at least with Niall.


Niall slipped up over me. I felt that he let his hard part again fill me and I quickly took my legs around his waist. Niall kissed me again and I felt the taste of his lips. I didn't care about where he had been with his mouth and I wanted more. I moaned, I cried and I almost tore into him. Niall smiled a little bit and he noted a change. 
"You're like a cat?" he panted against my face. I didn't care. I forced him to kiss me again and I moved up to him quickly. It needed no more. I felt how the whole cup ran over and my body lost the ground. I screamed and I was shaking. I felt myself totally lost control and it was as if I ended up in a different world. The orgasm flowed through my body and I didn't know where I was going.




Afterwards we just lay on the floor and breathed. I blushed as I realized what I had done. Niall laughed lightly and he kissed my face. 
"You're a wildcat" he whispered hoarsely. I just blushed even more and I tried not to show how awkward it felt. 
"You too?" 
He quickly shook his head. 
"No, I'm just crazy."
I tried to get back my courage, but I felt how I slowly losing my mind. How could it happen? I had long been thought that sex was only for those who weren't me. I couldn't believe I had lost my virginity. It was as if the truth slowly emerged and immediately I got scared. Niall would never stay and he would never want me, only me.
"You're just too wonderful!" I heard him hoarsely whispering in my ear. I panicked. Would he now get up? Would he look at me and say "thank you" and then walk away? I didn't want to be cheated, but who cheated whom? I had wanted to have him for so long and now I felt almost empty. 
"Niall?" I whispered uncertainly. He smiled and he raised his head. He looked into my eyes and he looked so calm. 
I swallowed. 
"I ..." a lie. I had to think of a good lie. "I'm going to my mom in an hour." 
He was startled and he became serious. 
I swallowed. 
"I'm going to my mom and help her." 
He rolled disapproval of me. 
"It's almost seven o'clock in the evening?" 
I closed my eyes and I suffered. 
"But she'll ... I'll ... help her with the laundry. She has pain in her arms and she can't lift the basket with laundry in."


As soon as Niall had left my apartment, I cried. I stood in the shower and I let the water run down over my body. I was shaking and I was crying. Why had I lied to him? Why hadn't I asked him if he wanted to continue to be mine? I could have talked about what he wanted with the future, but instead I threw him out. I felt hopeless and I tried to think clearly. Why, hadn't I even asked if I was a one-night stand for him? Why hadn't I been honest and told him that I wasn't sure and that I was afraid?





I hope it wasn't too much?

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