The Charmer from above

I was the gray mouse, the one that no one saw. Niall was the man who was everything else. He charmed everyone and he got whatever and whoever he wanted.


10. The evening at the pub

Perrie laughed. It was Saturday and I would finally get them to win the bet. Both Eleanor and Perrie helped me. Niall wasn't there and I understood him. I felt a lump in my stomach and I realized that I had hurt him, or had I? I had just done so he wouldn't hurt me and I felt that I, in a sense, had made the right choice. 
"You are so beautiful!" 
I smiled at Perrie. I wore the black tight dress, I had high heels and I had jewelry. They made my make up and my hair was perfect down over my shoulders. I must admit that I was satisfied. For the first time in my life I was happy with myself.


"When we get to the pub, you walk around like a stranger." said Eleanor fast. "You don't look at us and you smile at everyone else." 
I nodded. I felt I was weak in my knees and I wasn't sure what would happen. Perrie phoned for a taxi and they made ​​sure I looked like a model, or something similar. 
"Niall?" I asked, just to get an answer. Perrie laughed and shook her head. 
"No he wont be with us." she replied. "He's at the pub. He has been a bit odd for some day, but I guess it's because he's excited by the results?" 
I swallowed. 
"Is he excited?" 
Eleanor straightened my hair. 
"Yes, he hasn't been himself, but it could be due to something else. We don't know if something has happened to his family, or so."




When we got to the pub, I did as they had told me. I landed at the bar and I noticed that no one looked down on me. Instead, I got many looks at me, which led to that I blushed slightly. I was confused and I was still the same Sally in my heart. I looked at all the people and right as it was I saw Niall. He stood next to the others, but he didn't look happy. Instead, he stared at me and his eyes were empty. It was as if he was a different person and the only thing I could do was stand there. I noted that Louis began to walk around among the people, to find me, but I wasn't excited about him, not anymore. I looked at Niall and our eyes were stuck together. My stomach ached and my legs were weak. I sat down on a chair by the bar and quickly a bartender approached me and smiled. 
"Something good!" I said quickly. I had no idea what the drinks was called and he smiled big and contented at me. 
"Sweet or sour or what flavor?" 
I hesitated. 
"Something that many girls like." 
He disappeared off and after a few seconds later stood a drink in front of me. It was pink and it smelled strawberry. I would pay, but I was surprised when a guy quickly cleared his throat. 
"Excuse me, but cute little girls like you wont pay." 
I looked up and met a pair of eyes. It was a middle-aged man and he looked friendly. I was surprised. 
"But I have money?" 
He made sure my wallet ended up in my bag and he paid. Then he sat down on the chair next to me and he smiled big. 
"Simon ..!" he said quickly to introduce him selves to me. "Simon Cowell ..." 
"Sally!" I replied uncertainly. 
"Just Sally?"
I blushed. 
"Sally Adcock ...!" 
He smiled charmingly and he leaned slightly toward me. 
"I don't think I've seen you here before?" 
I hesitated. I saw that Louis had walked past me and I felt small. Niall still had his eyes on me and I noticed that he looked even more angry. 
"I ..." I didn't know what to say. "I usually don't have time to go out." 
Simon smiled almost wider and I wondered why he was smiling all the time? 
"An important job?" 
I nodded and I met his gaze. 
"Well, yes?" 
He laughed and he put his hand on my leg. 
"You don't need to be afraid of me, Sally." he said hoarsely. "I just want to talk with you and we can always be friends?"
I looked down at his hand. He disgusted me, but I couldn't tell him that now. I wanted that Niall would win the bet. 
Simon laughed a little bit. 
"I live in a house." he said, almost hoarsely. "If you want we can go back to my place?" 
I saw that Niall was red in the face and he took a few steps towards my direction. Perrie stopped him and it seemed as if they were enemies. 
"No thanks!" 
Simon didn't give up. He let his hand slide up and it stopped right where my short tight dress began. 
"I work with music and I take care of many famous artists." he whispered disgusting to me. "I'm famous!" 
I looked up at him and I frowned. 
The hand caressed my thigh. 
"I have won many prizes and I on the television. Didn't you looked at X-factor?" 
I thought and I quickly shook my head. 
"No, I'm more interested in books." 
He seemed amused. 
"Books? Then you haven't seen me in the papers?" 
I had panic. I took his hand away and I drank my drink. 
I saw that Louis came back to Niall. He didn't look happy and he frowned. A discussion had arisen and Niall was now not friend with Perrie or Eleanor. I swallowed and I stood up fast on the floor. 
"I have to go to the ladies' room." 
I ran to the bathroom and into the room. Quickly I locked the door and then broke everything. I felt the tears came and my whole body shook.


It took me ten minutes to wipe away the mascara that had run on my cheeks. Perrie had put makeup in my bag and I was grateful for that. I got makeup on my face again and I tried to get my face to look perfect. Everything just felt hopeless and I no longer knew who I was.




I only had time to open the door. Perrie took my hand and she laughed. She pulled me back to the others and I noticed that Niall backed off a few steps and he did everything to be calm. 
"Huh?" exclaimed Louis and he just stared at me. I met his gaze and I felt so small. Everything had gone off the rails and I felt that I needed to go home. 
"WE won!" exclaimed Harry and I saw that Niall took out the money, in order to hand them out to the winners. He didn't look happy and he neither smiled or cheered. 
"Bloody hell!" continued Louis and he smiled at me. "You're like a ... a ... another girl." 
I swallowed and I couldn't bother me. Perrie gave me a drink and everyone laughed, but not me and not Niall.
"We have to celebrate!" 
I saw that they were talking, but I didn't listen to their voices. I just looked at Niall and he did everything to not look at me. Slowly I realized what had happened. I had really hurt him and I had lost him. He was no longer interested in me and I was just a girl in the crowd. As you make your bed so you must lie (Swedish proverb).


Perrie hugged me tightly. 
"So now everything is as it should be." she laughed. "Aren't you happy with the new you, you did it!" 
I smiled, but I just felt sad. 
"Well, I'm happy?" 
She released me. 
"This is the funniest thing that has happened since ... since the beginning."


I ended up in a fog. Niall eventually disappeared and he left behind a void. I sat on a chair and I tried to smile. I heard that everyone else had fun, but I suffered. I tried to speak, but no words came out of my mouth. 


I changed my mind! 


I regretted everything that had happened! 


I wasn't a good-looking model, I was just Sally. I only played a role, another person who wasn't at all pleasant, and I hated her. I hated myself. 


If only I had said no from the start. Then none of this had happened and I had still been watering Nialls flowers. I had lived my boring life, but I'd had the imagination to use. The imagination that's always focused on Niall Horan.


Now there were only fragments left and I wasn't even a good person anymore. I was just an empty shell and I was more unattractive to earlier. I hadn't changed to the better. I had turned to the worse.

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