The Charmer from above

I was the gray mouse, the one that no one saw. Niall was the man who was everything else. He charmed everyone and he got whatever and whoever he wanted.


5. Day two

In the morning the girls picked me up again, but this time we ran through the park and actually, it felt easier against to be in the gym. It was easier to run when you saw nature and it was a wonderful weather. We ran through the park and into the woods, around a lake and then back. 
I nodded and smiled at Perrie. We stopped under a tree and I could come back to reality again. She smiled big. 
"Today you may eat meat." 
My stomach cheered and I smiled at her. 
Eleanor took up water, and she gave a bottle to me. I must admit I liked my two friends. They were no superficial girls who just thought about boys. They cared about their body and they were careful about what they ate. I realized that it wasn't so simple to look good. Perhaps it was just as tough for them as it was for me?
"Today you where talented at running!" Perrie said cheerfully at me and she meant it. I almost blushed and smiled at her. 
"Thank you!" 
She laughed and drank water. 
"We eat and then we'll change clothes." 
Eleanor agreed. 
"We have plans for you." 
I sighed. 
"And what should I do today?" 
Eleanor gave me a quick glance. 
"You can't know about things in advance." 
I smiled. 
"Why not?" 
Perrie snorted and went before us against the chosen eatery. 
"You can't prepare yourself." she said happily. "Everything will come naturally."




Okay! My feet ached but I didn't tell that to them. Perrie pulled me into a shoe store and they bought the first high-heeled shoes I ever got. It took an hour before they found the perfect entry-level shoes and they both were happy. 
"These are the only shoes that you will put on your feet this week." said Eleanor quickly. I sighed. 
"I can't run with them?" 
She smiled. 
"Okay, besides sneakers, you will only have these on." 
I sighed and I staggered out of the store. 
"This is a nuisance?" 
Perrie laughed and she pointed down at their feet. I saw that both Perrie and Eleanor had similar high-heeled shoes. 
"Okay!" I mumbled. "I'll smile and say yes?" 
Perrie nodded. 
"That was the rule!"
I came out into the street and I put myself, my body, in the way I had to walk. Eleanor was happy and we started to walk forward. The whole time they looked after that I did the right thing. 
"You can wiggle a bit on the butt." muttered Perrie. I blushed. 
She laughed a little bit. 
"Yeah, guys like girls that move on her buttocks and you need to relax more." 
I sighed, and I nodded. I obeyed them, but I realized I didn't have the same stylish walk as they had. 
"Practice!" said Eleanor and grinned slightly. "Practice every night and practice so you don't forget the tricks." 
I sighed. 
Perrie agreed. 
"It's like learning to ride a bike. Once you can do it, everything works." 
I staggered and almost fell. 
"Are you saying? You never have been practicing?" 
Eleanor disagreed. 
"At one time we were also new and we had to practice in the same way." 
I didn't believe them, but Perrie laughed and got me to switch thoughts. 
"We weren't born with high heels and my mom didn't allow me to use such shoes until I was eighteen years old." 
I believed in her. 
"I promise to practice."




I realized that I began to change. Yet it was only the second day and I was ready for the next day. I went back and forth across the floor with my stilettos. I realized that I began to understand how I would move and the new discovery made ​​me smile. I was awakened out of my mind that the phone rang. I went with my shoes to the phone and I answered with a proud voice. 

"Hi, it's Mom." I heard my mom say. "You sound happy?" 
I hesitated. Should I tell her the truth? I chose to lie. 
"Yes, I have found new friends and I have started running in the morning." 
She paused, almost. 
"But you don't like that?" 
I smiled and looked down at my shoes. 
"I can always change my mind?" 
She agreed. 
"So who are your new friends?" 
I hesitated. 
"It's just two girls and a guy."
Mom hesitated. 
"What did you say?" 
I laughed a little bit. 
"Eleanor, Perrie and Niall." 
Mom pondered. 
"As your neighbor, Niall?" 
I nodded and smiled. 
"Yes, that's him." 
She seemed almost disappointed. 
"But you have said that he just has a lot of girls and he's not a guy to trust?" 
I sighed. 
"Mom, I'm just friends with him. He can do what he wants." 
She didn't agree. 
"You can't throw yourself over him, and..." 
I interrupted her quickly. 
"We are just friends and he's not even my type. He's not even interested in me." 
She puffed out. I lied a little bit, because I felt that Niall was really a guy that I wanted deep down inside. But I wasn't lying about that we were friends. I knew there wouldn't be anything more between us, and maybe that was why I trusted him?
"Good!" she said. "You know how guys are?" 
I sighed. 
"Mom I'm twenty years old. I'm not five years and you can't protect me." 
She agreed but still she did that sigh. 
"I know, but I care about you." 
I swallowed. 
"I know mom, but I must go now." 
She cleared her throat lightly. 
"Okay, I wont detain you by a bunch of nonsense, but have a good night." 
I smiled. 




It knocked lightly on the door. I came out of the hall without having to hold the walls with my hands. I opened the door and I was surprised when Niall stood there. He was surprised at my shoes and he looked down at my feet. 
"Oops!" he exclaimed. "So they got on shoes?" 
I smiled. 
"Yes, and I practice." 
Nial laughed with satisfaction, and he looked up at me. 
"You look refreshed?" 
I nodded. 
"We ran through the park today and actually it was nice." 
He smiled and looked down at my shoes again. 
"I just wanted to say sorry that I wasn't there today, but I need to take a break sometimes."
Actually I didn't care. I'd had a good day and it was thanks to Perrie and Eleanor. 
"You can always hang with us tomorrow?" 
Niall smiled and nodded. He looked up at me and he met my gaze. 
"I promise I'll be here in tomorrow." 
I nodded. 
He hesitated. He was just about to go when he pointed down at my legs. 
"You fit in high heels. Neat!" 
He didn't see me blushing. I quickly closed the door and leaned against it. Niall said that my legs fit in high heels, or did he said that I, me, did so? I blushed even more and I giggled lightly. I had nice legs? Or maybe it just looked prettier with the shoes?




I wasn't in bed until after ten o'clock. I was still so happy over Nialls comment and that I managed to walk without problems. I crawled under the covers and I saw before me the way I went along the street. Okay I didn't have nice clothes, but my legs were perfect. I was for the first time in my life, proud over my legs. I had longer legs than I knew and I realized I had discovered new aspects, which I hadn't seen before.


I was still sore and later that night I had to take pills again. I came into the room and to my surprise it was quiet in the house. Niall slept? I was startled and I was almost forced to walk up to the wall to listen. Maybe he was tired or maybe he knew he would help me in the morning? I took my pills and I listened carefully. It was so quiet and it was a comfortable silence.

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