The Charmer from above

I was the gray mouse, the one that no one saw. Niall was the man who was everything else. He charmed everyone and he got whatever and whoever he wanted.


4. Day one

In the morning there was a knock on the door and I had to hurry out of the bathroom. I had managed to get on clothes and I was amazed that someone knocked on my door. When I opened, I was surprised. Eleanor, Perrie and Niall stood there. They looked fit and happy. I swallowed and I didn't know if I should smile or question that they were there. 
"So you were serious?" 
Everyone went into my apartment without asking me. 
"Yes!" said Niall, and he was amused. "When we are serious, we mean business and it's about a bet." 
Eleanor agreed and she looked at me as I closed the door. 
"You need to improve your posture. You look like an old lady." 
I cleared my throat and met her gaze. 
"No one has complained about my position before?" 
She laughed. 
"No, because you haven't asked?" 
Perrie agreed. 
"And you must learn to walk in high heels." 
I disagreed. 
"Low shoes is better to the feet."
They were amused. 
"But it looks ugly." Niall responded quickly and he looked down at my feet. I had shoes that reminded of the old people's shoes, but I liked them. 
"And you have to cut your hair." continued Perrrie. "We have many pieces of the puzzle before we can call you normal." 
I looked coldly at her. 
"I'm normal?" 
She smiled and came up to me. She placed her hands on my shoulders and she looked straight into my eyes. 
"We will change you, and don't fight against us." 
I swallowed. 
She smiled. 
"See this as a thing that just happens and let's us take control. You'll just nod, smile and say yes to all of our proposals." 
She released me and then she looked at the others. 
"Where do we start?"
Eleanor was sure. 
"The shoes and her posture."
Niall agreed. 
"I have access to a gym and we have to get off her sad face." 
I frowned, but I realized I would just smile and say yes. 
"What have the gym with my face to do?" 
Niall smiled and he looked into my eyes. 
"Believe me, you'll change."




Okay! Only once had I been in the gym. It took me one second to realize that I wasn't a girl who went to the gym. Still, they managed to get on workout clothes and before I had time to think clearly, we were inside the gym. Niall pulled me to the treadmill and he forced me to start running. 
"Come on!" he said happily. "Move your ass and make sure to get some muscles in your thighs." 
I sighed and I chose to nod. 
Perrie stood on the other side of the treadmill and she followed me closely with her eyes. 
"Then you'll bleed a little weights and train your abdominal muscles." 
I almost want to puke, but I nodded and I said yes. 
"Good girl!" Niall mumbled happily and he increased the pace on the treadmill. "You have to get in shape." 
"Yes!" I replied, but I wasn't smiling.


Three hours later I was lying on a bench and I just panted. I had trained all there was to work out, but still they talked about what I would do more. 
"Are we going to end this for today?" asked Niall uncertain and I looked up at him and smiled goofy. 
Eleanor laughed when she saw my face. 
"Tomorrow your going to be here again, so stop looking like a tortured individual." 
I sighed and closed my eyes. 
Niall laughed. 
"Yes, I go to the gym every day, but you can get free on Saturday and Sunday."
I opened my eyes and gave him a cold stare. 
Niall laughed again and he pulled me up from the bench. 
"Now you take a shower and then the girls will take care of you." 
I hesitated. 
"And you?" 
Perrie snorted. 
"He's going to meet a girl." 
It cut in my heart, but I didn't want to admit it. Niall looked pleased and he hugged me quickly and easily. 
"I have a life." He said fast. "I wont give up the others just because Sally needs help."




Perrie chose a restaurant where we were eating and I was surprised when they only ordered in salad for us. I was used to more meat and I missed the potatoes.
"This is useful." Perrie defended themselves with. "If you want to look good, you need to eat healthy food, not food that settles fat around the belly."
I swallowed and I poked into the salad. I ate, but I wasn't happy. Eleanor smiled and she saw at me that I was opposed to their eating habits.
"You don't become stylish without giving up the things you enjoy." she said kindly. "Before, I ate what I wanted, but I realized that the food made my body swollen. Whenever I chose to change my food, I realized that it's important to eat good food."
Perrie nodded toward me.
"You will eat meat, but only one day a week."
I sighed and looked quickly at her.
Perrie smiled.
"This's for your good sake."




Both Eleanor and Perrie had a lots of shoes. We went home to Eleanor and she found a pair of high-heeled shoes that were perfect to train with. Perrie put on me the shoes and I stood up. I kept right on falling, but Eleanor was quick and helped me to stand up straight.
"It's all about habit and body posture." she said quickly. "You must bend your knees a little easy and try not to lean forward or backward."
I frowned.
"It feels like I'm standing on the pegs."
Perrie agreed.
"You just have to get used to it."
I swallowed and I did as I was told. I tried to walk along the floor, and several times I was about to collapse. It took me an hour before I was able to go somewhat neat.
"You can borrow them." said Eleanor happily. "You must practice every night before you go to bed."
I suffered.
"First the gym and then this?"
Perrie nodded.
"If  you want to be nice, you get to suffer at first."

Eleanor's phone rang and I heard right away that it was Niall. She laughed lightly. 
"Yes, she's a good student." 
I gulped and looked at her. I also wanted to talk to Niall, but I knew that they had wondered if I had asked to do so. 
"Tomorrow at seven o'clock?" she continued and she snorted lightly. "But come on Niall. You were on this and it's thanks to you that she's here." 
I was disappointed. Had he changed his mind? She hung up and sighed lightly. 
"Tomorrow it will be just us girls. He's going out and he wont to have any demands tomorrow." 
I was disappointed. 
Eleanor rolled her eyes. 
"I'm so tired of his way of being. Niall's like a lost little kitten and he just want to be loved." 
Perrie agreed. 
"One day he will get hurt. A girl will hurt him more than he hurt us now." 
Eleanor agreed. 
"If he can fall in love again?" 
I swallowed. 
"Has he had a girlfriend at some point?" 
Eleanor nodded and she let me sit down on the sofa. 
"Once he was with a model and unfortunately, she made so that Niall got  hurt. That's why he doesn't want a girlfriend. He's afraid of getting hurt again."
Useful information. 
"Is that why he has a lot of girls?" 
Eleanor nodded. 
"As long as he changes, he can't get hurt. He initiates any circumstances and he flees from all that is natural, but I promise you that he needs to calm down. Soon there not a single girl that he hadn't been with." 
I looked down at my hands. Soon there was only one left? But I knew that he didn't wanted me. 
"Maybe he will find her one day?" 
Perrie sat down and she shook her head. 
"No one can capture Niall. If he gets the emotions he flees."
Eleanor sighed and changed the subject. 
"So how does it feel?" 
I swallowed and I felt my feet ached. 
"Good!" I lied. Direct laughed Eleanor, and she showed that she saw that it hurt. 
"You'll get used to this soon, Sally!" 
I smiled and met her gaze. 
"In a month?" 
"No!" Perrie responded quickly. "In a week you will only walk in high heels." 
This time I laughed. 
"I think not!"




Niall came home to his apartment late at night and I heard that he had brought a girl. She giggled and she followed him into the apartment. I chose to leave the bed and I staggered out into the hall. My feet hurt and I had muscle soreness. I chose to take a few pills and then I heard it started to throb from his bedroom. I sighed, and I shook my head. Maybe he would be satisfied one day and maybe he would find the woman of his life. One side of me was hoping for it, but I was also only human, I was jealous of his would-be girlfriend. I could just imagine how he married her and I was sure that she was beautiful. It was as if I slowly realized the truth. Niall would one day disappear from my life and I would never get to feel what it was like to kiss him. It was an empty feeling in my stomach and I chose to go back to the bedroom. Niall did as he wanted and I had no power over him.

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