All She Wants

"I know that they worry, they all worry that i'm lonely, or that i'm sad, or whatever. But i'm not. I don't think they understand how happy I am just to be around them."|
Emma Grace Styles has had anything but a normal childhood. Being the daughter of pop sensation Harry Styles, she's grown up around the monumental success of the hit band, One Direction. At eleven years old she has already learned about the world around her, the good things and even the bad. With wisdom beyond her years, and the sarcastic wit she's acquired thanks to her Uncles, will Emma be able to finally adjust to the simplistic life of a normal eleven year old that she so yearned for? Or will change prove to be too much for her to handle?
Book II of the She Taught Me How To Love Series


16. Here



Emma's P.O.V

After being released from the hospital, mum has been alright. She isn't allowed to do much, but she still makes it a point to leave her room for every meal.

"Pasta, again?" Mum says carefully sitting down. She held her large bump as she looked at the plate in front of her.

"Well, Edie, if you don't like it you can eat something else." Uncle Niall says as he places a plate in front of me.

"Are you offering to make me something else, Niall?"

"No, I was simply saying you don't have to eat it."

I smirk as mum gives Uncle Niall a look, but she picks up her fork anyways and starts eating.

"Have you got all your school supplies ready, ems?" Mum says as she twirls the pasta on her fork.

I nod, "Just a few more weeks til I go back."

"How has Janice been?"

"Alright, she went to visit some relatives, she'll be back in a few days."

"And how are you my darling?"

"Great." I say with a smile.

She reaches across the table and fluffs my hair, "Good."

I know it doesn't seem like much but at least she was here, that was more than I could say for dad.

Dad had been called away to LA for a few days. He may not be in a band anymore, but he was still a songwriter.We all know he didn't want to go, but Uncle Niall convinced him to. So I know it's not his fault or anything that he has to leave, but it feels like I haven't seen my dad in ages. But at least Uncle Niall is here.

Which is why we've been eating pasta the past three days...because Uncle Niall took it upon himself to take care of us till dad came back. 

"Edie, I believe you were saying something about chocolate ice cream earlier?"

"Don't play with my emotions Niall, unless you have ice cream you may see yourself out of the room."

Uncle Niall walks over to mum, takes her plate and sets before her a carton of ice cream. Mum smiles widely as he places two bowls on the table. 

"Well, at least you get desert right." Mum says as she happily serves the ice cream she was craving.Uncle Niall winks at me as mum hands me a bowl, "But this doesn't mean I forgive you for breaking my favorite vase."

I laugh out loud as mum points her spoon at Uncle Niall and he sticks his tongue out at her. 

Although dad was missing, I felt happy to be right here with them. 


That night we went to bed unusually early. Mum was tired, and Uncle Niall had to get up early to take me shopping for the last few things I needed for school. 

I laid in my bed, writing in my journal until late. I looked at the clock, but as late as it was I just wasn't sleepy. 

I decided to try to sleep at least a few hours, switched off the lights and got under the covers. 

Yet, as soon as I closed my eyes I heard knocking.


I shrugged it off thinking that mum just needed Uncle Niall for something.

Until I heard a louder thump in the hallway.

I jump out of my bed, the covers falling onto the floor. I reach for the door as fast as I could and when I look in the hall mum was on the floor trying to knock on Uncle Niall's door.


She looks up at me and winces in pain. 

"Emma," I sit her up against the wall and she takes my hand, "Don't be afraid baby. I need you to wake your Uncle Niall okay?"

"What's wrong?" I say trying to fight back tears.

"I have a really bad pain on my right side. I need to go to the hospital." She says trying to keep a calm voice. 


I open the door to Uncle Niall's room and shake him until he's awake. 

"What's wrong?" He says sleepily.

I grab his jumper and his shoes and say, "Something's wrong with mum, we need to take her to the hospital."


By the time Uncle Niall was carrying mum into the emergency room, she was almost unconscious. She was ripped from his arms as soon as the doctors saw she was pregnant.

But Uncle Niall wouldn't tell me what was wrong with her, no one would.

As I sat in the waiting room, the bright lights made me dizzy. And the smell was so strong, I felt like I was going to throw up. I looked around, trying to calm myself. 

But I couldn't do it. 

I got up and walked up and down the corridors. 

Uncle Niall still wasn't back. There was no word on mum. 

What was happening?

I could feel the tears gathering in my eyes, and I tried to shake them away. 

Where was Uncle Niall?

I walked up and down the corridor, and a sob escaped. 

If it hadn't been for this baby, mum would be at home. She would be on her bed watching Love, Actually and eating chocolate ice cream.

She'd be laughing so loud we could hear her down the hall. 

A sob escapes and I'm desperate to hear her voice. To know what was wrong. 

I close my eyes count to five, knowing that he'd be back when I opened my eyes.






I opened my eyes, tears flowing and find that he wasn't there.

I lean against the wall, trying so hard to breathe. 


I look up to find my Uncle Niall at the end of the corridor racing towards me. 

He got down on one knee and wiped away the tears I couldn't push away. 

"Is she okay?"

His bloodshot blue eyes struggle to look into mine, but he nods. 

"Yeah, Ems. She'll be okay."


Uncle Niall held me tightly as we waited. His fingers tapped lightly on my shoulder, something he did only when he was nervous.

He had called dad on the way over, telling him "You need to get back here, now! Something's wrong with Edie!" 

I could only imagine what dad was feeling right now.

I just wish he was here.

At least that way I could tell him everything was going to be alright. 

Even if I didn't believe it, I  think he needs to hear it. 

"Relatives of Mrs. Edie Styles?"

Uncle Niall jumps up as the doctor approaches. She smiles at me and says, "I'm going to talk to your Uncle, okay? Your mum's is doing much better, alright? You can see her when she wakes up."

I nod, not happy about being treated like a little kid. 

I watch as the doctor leads Uncle Niall away and talks to him for what seems like an eternity. And when he finally comes back he just looks pale and tired. 


"Ems—" Uncle Niall pats his pants and pulls out his phone, "Sorry, it's your dad, I have to take it."


"Yeah, Harry. Okay, we'll be here. Have a safe flight, mate. I've got everything under control here. No, she hasn't yet. They said she'll be alright, but she has to stay. Yeah. Okay."

Uncle Niall hangs up the phone and rubs his eyes. I grab his hand and interlock it with mine. 

"She'll be okay?"

"Let's hope so, Princess."



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