Love At First Sight

Hi My Name Is Hanna Marin I am 19. I was with my Friend Katherine. We were at the Beach in Miami but when I saw a cute boy I fell in Love very fast but I have a boyfriend his name is Nathan.

Who will Hanna chose...

Read On the Find Out More...


19. Wedding

Hanna's P.o.v

I woke up really excited because today is my wedding! I got up and did my makeup and hair. It took 2 hours and then i grabbed my dress and putted it on.

My cousin Emma is going to be my maid of honor. Katherine,Aria,Spencer,Emily are going to be my bridesmaids since there all my BFF's. Here Is The dress.

My dad picked me up and drove me to the church. We had to wait 5 minutes and then my dad walked me down the aisle. (skip all the boring stuff)

"Hanna Marin,Do you accept Harry Styles as your husband?"

"I Do"

"Harry Styles , Do you accept Hanna Marin as your wife"

"I Do"

"You may now kiss the bride"

We Kissed and then we walked out of the church. Im Finally Hanna Styles. We went home and changed. We grabbed all the decorations and our dresses and suits and putted them in the car and drove to the banquet the party was gonna be. We prepared the banquet and it was beautiful. I changed into my dress and Harry changed into his tux.  People arrived and we ate i saw harry go up to the dj and ask for a song then he pulled me to the dance floor and Classic by MKTO came on and we danced.

"Harry Im gonna cry"

"Dont cry baby" 

He gave me a kiss. I kissed back. Then someone came in and It Was BECKY G!

"Harry did u invite Becky G"

"Yes that was ur suprise"

Becky came up to us after the song finished and she hugged me and congrulated us. Then she went up stage and sand shower for me from harry. I cried.

The party was over. We cleaned up and went home and made out the whole night then we fell asleep.

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