Love At First Sight

Hi My Name Is Hanna Marin I am 19. I was with my Friend Katherine. We were at the Beach in Miami but when I saw a cute boy I fell in Love very fast but I have a boyfriend his name is Nathan.

Who will Hanna chose...

Read On the Find Out More...


1. Miami!!!

Hanna's POV

I moved to Miami. With my BFF Katherine and my boyfriend Nathan. I am super excited to be here. Katherine and Nathan and I all decided to go to a night club after we finish unpacking. We went inside of our Mansion in Miami Nathan and Katherine and I all saved our money to move away. We all had our own rooms. We all finished unpacking and got dressed. I wore a Red Crop Top with a Red Pencil Skirt and with Red High Heels. I went down stairs and Katherine was warring the same thing but in the color Blue. We went inside of the car.

-Car Ride-

Nathan drove us to the Night Club.

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