Love At First Sight

Hi My Name Is Hanna Marin I am 19. I was with my Friend Katherine. We were at the Beach in Miami but when I saw a cute boy I fell in Love very fast but I have a boyfriend his name is Nathan.

Who will Hanna chose...

Read On the Find Out More...


11. Girls NightOut(Part1)

Katherine's POV

I called Hanna to see if she is available cuz I want a girls NightOut together since we don't spend that much time together since we moved.

"Hey Hanna"

"Oh Hey Katherine what's up"

"Nothing I just wanted to know if your available right now"

"Yea why"

"Cuz we don't hang out together that much since we moved"

"Yea sure what time"

"Anytime u want"

"How about at 5"

"Sure see you later bye"


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