Love At First Sight

Hi My Name Is Hanna Marin I am 19. I was with my Friend Katherine. We were at the Beach in Miami but when I saw a cute boy I fell in Love very fast but I have a boyfriend his name is Nathan.

Who will Hanna chose...

Read On the Find Out More...


25. Final Chapter!!! (Part2)

Hanna's POV

I carried my baby girl in my arms for the first time. The doctor asked me what I wanted to name her I looked at Harry and we decided to name her Megan... I look at Megan and she look just like Me and Harry...

-1Hour Later-

Harry and I were finally at home... I said to Megan"Welcome Home sweety" I placed her in her crib and sat down in her room.. Harry walked inside.

H-She is sleeping?

Ha-Yes she looks so beautiful

H- She does

Ha- I can't wait to see her grow up

H-Me to... She is gonna be a smart beautiful young girl

I stood up and carried Megan and Harry was looking at her saying Beautiful Sweet things to her. Harry and I looked at each other and kissed.

THE END!!!! :)


Authors Note

Hey, Alison here... It's the end of the Story I really hope u all enjoyed it.. Don't worry this might not be the last of the story I might have a sequel but I have to discuss about it with my BFF because I made this book about her... Don't forget to Like Comment Favorite and Fan... BTW Go check out my Halloween Special books!! Love ya -Alison

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