Wanting to go back to yesterday

I've always been in love with my best friend Harry Styles, but he's also been like a brother to me to and i didn't want to lose him, but then again one fight can change everything


4. Pizza

 Carrie's P.O.V.

 It's been about 6 months since Harry had left, but really it felt like years. As time streamed by I had been getting non-stop calls and texts from Harry, as he promised, but I really didn't want to talk to him.

 I completely embarrassed my self in front of the one person I loved most. After telling him I loved him, he didn't so much as give me a thank you. He just walked away. Just like that.

 The first few months were terrible. Of course I listened to his voice mails and read his texts, but I never responded. I mean how could I? After awhile it just got easier to ignore them all together and forget about Harry. But of course he's Harry. Like there is any way to completely forget about him.

 "Carrie, you want to come and help me?" Tori said.

 Tori has been great at helping me ignore  Harry. We've spent the last few months hanging out as much as we could. It helps to have such a good friend like her.

 "Yeah, sure." I said grabbing the pizza boxes out of her hand. "I'll just put em' on the counter."

 "Alright." She said as I started making my way to the kitchen. I couldn't help but notice how long she was taking at paying the delivery man. 'Flirt Alert.' I laughed to myself. I went ahead and made me a plate of pizza while I waited for Tori.

 "Alright thanks for the pizza." Tori giggled before closing the front door.

 "Somebody was flirtinnnng." I cooed as she made her way in here.

 "What? No I wasn't." She scoffed as she grabbed a slice of pepperoni.

 "Thanks for the pizzaahhh." I mocked her while blinking my lashes a few times.

 "I was not! I was just being nice, Carrie. It's a thing, ya know." Tori laughed.

 "Mhmm..." I nodded and took a bite of my pizza.

 "Ok maybe a little." She admitted. "Besides I think it's about time I find a guy I actually like.

 "So I was right!" I laughed. "Flirt Alert never lies."

 She laughed and took a big bite of her pizza. "Man I love pizza." She groaned.

 "Ughh don't say that word." I sighed with embarrassment.

 "Carrie, again? Just forget about him, he's not worth the trouble." She said and paused. "I think you should meet some one new too."

 "Like who?" I scoffed.

 "You know, some who isn't Harry."

 "Haha very funny." I said with sarcasm.

 "No, but seriously Carrie."

 "I don't know Tor..." I started.

 "Fine. I'll find me a guy while you sit in the corner and eat pizza all day." She joked. Or did she? Maybe she's right in a way. I guess? I don't know.

 "What ever let's just go watch the movie." I said  bringing my pizza into the living room with me.

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