Wanting to go back to yesterday

I've always been in love with my best friend Harry Styles, but he's also been like a brother to me to and i didn't want to lose him, but then again one fight can change everything


2. Leaving

Carrie's P.O.V

i spent the rest of the day crying and not wanting to talk to anybody, and then  i ended up crying myself to sleep that night.

*The next day*

When i woke up i remembered what had happened yesterday, and i knew right away that i wanted to fix it and so since i knew Harry might not talk to me, i was gonna go to his house and stay there till he talked to me.

As soon as i got ready i went to his house and knocked on his door and then his mom let me in, and then said 

"Harry is upstairs if you want to say goodbye"


then i went upstairs and i went in Harrys room and then i said

"Hi harry"

"hey" he mumbled under his breath

"Harry i'm really sorry about yesterday, and i could hardly sleep last night knowing that you hate me"

"i don't hate you, you hate me"

"i don't hate you Harry i just said that cause i was upset and i didn't want you to leave"

"i have to go"

"i know and i;m not gonna stop you, i just came to apologize"

then i got up and started to walk out his room, but then he grabbed me and pulled me back, and he said

"I'm sorry i've been so distant lately and acting like a big jerk"

"its fine and i know that i didn't really help all that much...just promise when you come back we can hang out"

"of course as long as you come with me to the airport today"


then i hugged him and he hugged me back but i didn't want to let go.

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