Cursed (Justin Bieber) Fanfiction

Emily Watson is a secret witch. Her Mother and her Family are the only who know she's a witch. She is a secret Beliber too she loves Justin Bieber but when she curses him everything will changes. Will He and Emily ever be together? Will they ever live Happily Together? Read and Find out


1. Cursing Him

Hey Mom, Can Me and Jenni have a sleep over I asked my mother while cleaning the dishes. Sure Emily she said. Okay Jenni let's go to my room I asked her. As we rushed upstaris she stared at my Justin Bieber posters. Emily I already know your a Witch But can you make this poster talk or curse him she asked. Jenni umm.. What do you mean I already cursed him he's in LA right now cause thanks to My Justin Bieber Tracker app for only 0.99 on the App Store I kind of Stalk Him I said laying on my bed swiping through my phone. Well Can you please may him talk she asked as i stood up with my wand. "Magic Magic Make this Poster come to Life". Wow Why am I in a room full of girls Justin said. Oh my god Emily you made him come alive. Hey Justin Do you mind taking a group Selfie with me and Jenni I asked him trying to act cool. Okay Sure he said after taking The photo and sharing it on Twitter. Can you Follow me on Twitter Jenni Asked. Sure what is it he said. My Name Is JenniJenni2222 and my username is @Jenni_Robbinson. And you he asked me. Well I do have twitter and it's @EmilyWatson and it has a picture of me I said. 


Sorry If it wasn't good cause in the middle part it's good so that was chapter 1 

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