Every Summer

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  • Published: 15 Jul 2014
  • Updated: 15 Jul 2014
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This is just a little something that I wrote down and had no idea how it would turn out. I'm prettty proud of it and I hope you like it. I recently got a request for more poetry so now I'm working on more poems to upload for you all to read! Anyway, hope you enjoy!


1. Every Summer

Every Summer

Her family had a barbeque

To celebrate her birthday


And Every Summer

She would recieve hugs

That made her grimace

As hands made contact with her arms


And Every Summer

They would ask

"Why the sweater?"


And Every Summer

She would turn away

And whisper

"I was cold."


And Every Summer

She would smiled a sad smile

When she would blow out the candles

And wished to die


And last summer

she had tears in her eyes

As she said

"I love you" and "see you soon"


And this summer

There was no barbeque

Because this summer

There was no birthday.



Author's Note:

It was sad for me to write this because there are people who I knew that commited suicide. I wanted to try to picture what goes through the person's head and somehow this poem came out of it. Don't kill yourself, you were put here for a reason. If anyone ever needs someone to talk to I'm always here.


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