Lucas Holland, an Erudite experiment. In hopes of building a army of perfect warriors, Erudite genetically modified young babies in hopes of giving them unique gifts. Tragically only one baby survived, Lucas. A boy who's special gift may very well save his life. ( Only Posting a few Chapters, Ive done this in my phone so please excuse mistakes. I'll only continue writing if people want me to.)


1. Childhood

I never knew my parents. They died when I was a baby. I never got to know them but each year on my birthday I am reminded that they loved me, with a card sent from my faction.
My home faction and a horrible place to live in my opinion.
Ever since I was a young child I have lived in a apartment, supplied by my faction, on my own.
Nobody wanted me. They all seem to fear me. Whenever I walk down the street people stare, mothers worn their children not to speak to me.
I don't care.
Well atleast I don't care anymore. After years of loneliness you get used to being on your own. Although, I will never get used to the ice, blank stares from hateful peoples faces.
I don't belong in Erudite. I hate it.  The only thing that has gotten me through my life here is books.
I remember the first book I ever read. It was an action book; filled with violence and explosions. Simply amazing.
Ever since that day. The day I got that book I was fascinated with action books.
In total I have read over 126 action books from A-Z of Kung Fu moves to Dauntless a faction history.
Action books help me escape my life in Erudite but this year I have a chance to escape Erudite.  Tomorrow I will take my aptitude test.
My one shot to get out of Erudite and away from the loneliness, the anger towards me and the ice blank stares. 

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