Lucas Holland, an Erudite experiment. In hopes of building a army of perfect warriors, Erudite genetically modified young babies in hopes of giving them unique gifts. Tragically only one baby survived, Lucas. A boy who's special gift may very well save his life. ( Only Posting a few Chapters, Ive done this in my phone so please excuse mistakes. I'll only continue writing if people want me to.)


2. An Unfortunate Meeting

My eyes open. I sit up in bed, flinging the book that rested on my chest to the end of my bed.
The end of my bed is covered with books. Books that have piled up since I ran out of room on my desk and shelfs.
I climb out of bed, my bare feet touching the cold wood floor. I stand up straight revealing my half naked body.
I hate sleeping in pjamas so I just sleep in my boxers.
I walk to the wardrobe in the corner of my room, opening it.
In my wardrobe are a collection of light blue polo shirts, beige slacks and a full length mirror dangling from the wardrobe door.
I turn to face the mirror. Gazing at my stature; my slightly muscular body, sapphire blue eyes and grey messy hair.
I sigh to my reflection.
"Hopefully my last day in Erudite..." I whisper to myself. I've been counting down the days to the choosing ceremony.
After my aptitude test, I have to wait until I get to choose what faction I want to belong to.
You can choose out of the 5 factions: Amity, the peaceful faction. Erudite, the knowledge faction. Candor, the truthful faction. Abnegation, the selfless faction and then Dauntless, the brave faction.
These are the five factions you can choose to be an initiate for. Although, you have to meet the requirements of a faction before getting to choose it. This is why we have the aptitude test, to help us determine what factor we best belong in.
I sigh again pulling a light blue polo shirt over my head. Followed by forcing my legs in the beige slacks.
This years choosing ceremony will be held in Erudite.
I don't really smile much but the thought of choosing a different faction in front of all the cold stares.
I sigh again, grabbing a book off my bed. Though, they may be glad to be rid of me. I turn to the door, slipping on my shoes and running out the door.
I get to school quite quickly. The school is where the aptitude test is held.
I get into school and instantly directed to the cafeteria.
Five rows of tables one for each faction. I head for the Erudite table. I sit on the end of the table and everyone else leaves 5 metres between them and me.
I roll my eyes and grab my book. Flicking through the pages.
Everything is pretty quiet at our table. The Dauntless are making all the noise.
After five minutes, I'm lost in my book until a thud echoes from the table.
I look up to see a boy standing in front of me.
"Sup, freak." The boy said grinning at me. Eric, a loud mouth Erudite who rarely studies. "What do you want Eric?" I ask in a monotone voice (my regular tone).
Eric was dressed exactly like me, although he wears dark blue. His soft looking, clear skin and short brown hair.
"C'mon now freak, I'm just trying to be nice." He crouches down to get a better view of me "I mean its are offical last day as class mates."
"So, the last time I checked you didn't like me." I said calmly. Reacting rashly towards Eric was a bad choice.
"And last time I checked the feeling was mutual." He smiled. His smile was inviting yet sinister.
"Lucas Holland!" A man shouted "Your next!"
I snapped my book shut, leaving it on the table. Then I stand up slowly.
"Well Eric its been a pleasure but now I have to go." I say not looking at him.
"Thanks freak." He replies as I start walking off.
"Or maybe not."


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