I'm afraid of falling..

Lnni is not popular at school. Actually she gets pushed around a lot, but she never gets noticed. She only has one friend who is Kerry, but she is all Linni needs. Linni is afraid of falling, she has had a lot of bad experiences earlier.

Marco is the popular bad boy at school who only play with hearts and still everybody wants him. Or that's what he thought, till he noticed Linni. He has a lot of friends, but only one best friend, which is Markus. Marco don't know what love is, he has never fallen for anyone.

What happens when Marco notices Linni? Will there be love? Will Marco learn to love? Will Linni fall again? Or will there only be more heartbreak? Read to find out ;)

Sorry for typos, I'm not from England. I hope you will like my story!


1. Before school.

~Linni's POV:~

I rudely awakened. I had another bad dream. I have those often, especially after my mother died three years ago. I think of her everyday. I really miss her. I got up to looked at some old photos. I found the one I loved the most, the one of her, me and dad together. Smiling, at the beach. I live with my father. He mostly works and earns a lot of money, so I am a lot home alone. We are the only ones who live here. I am an only child. 

I went to the bathroom and locked the door. I know I am home alone, but you never know. Maybe someone breaks in and starts stealing stuff and then walks into my bathroom to steal a hair-dryer only to find me naked and then he gets blind. You never know! I strip and go into the shower and let the hot water hit my body.

I enjoy it and after a while start to clean my body and hair with my mango shower gel and strawberry shampoo. I turn off the water and walk out. I wrapped a towel around me and began walking towards the door. I was about to turn the knob, when I heard a noise from my room. What the fuck? I thought. I carefully turned the knob and peered into the room, only to find nothing. Well then! I thought while walking into the room, someone jumped on my back, causing me to fall. HOLY MOTHERFUDGING CRAPPY PASTA! went through my head while I screamed. Then I heard laughing and the person got off me. That fucking bitch. I quickly turned around to find Kerry laughing her ass off on the floor. I'm not surprised that she is here, she comes every morning, but she usually screams "HELLOOOOO BITCH!". "I swear to God, I'm gonna kill you!" I said to her in a disgusted voice. "I'm sorry baby" she said with a puppy face. I just looked at her and sat up. "You better get dressed if you don't want to be late." She said. "Yeah yeah, whatever bitch." I said while laughing and got up hold my towel thightly around me.

I got dressed into some dark blue jeans and a white tank top, with a black cardigan over. I grabbed my black converses and put them on. I just let my hair down today. I let it dry in room temperature. I have naturally black straight hair. And icy blue eyes, Kerry is so jealous of my looks but she has nothing to be jealous of. She has chocolate brown eyes and light brown hair, gorgeous! I went into the bathroom and put on some powder and blush. I don't need mascara, my eyelashes are naturally curvy, thick and long. I got my looks from my mother. I am not skinny tho, I have curves. And just like any other teenager I have acne, but I just have that before my period, lol. So I guess I am kind of lucky.

"Let's go!" I said while we ran down to my car. I grabbed a banana to eat on the way to school. I asked Kerry to drive, and I already knew the answer. She loves my car. It's a pretty expensive car. It was my gift from my dad on my 16th birthday this year. We got in and Kerry started driving to school. Another day in hell YEAY I thought while taking a bite of my banana.

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