I'm afraid of falling..

Lnni is not popular at school. Actually she gets pushed around a lot, but she never gets noticed. She only has one friend who is Kerry, but she is all Linni needs. Linni is afraid of falling, she has had a lot of bad experiences earlier.

Marco is the popular bad boy at school who only play with hearts and still everybody wants him. Or that's what he thought, till he noticed Linni. He has a lot of friends, but only one best friend, which is Markus. Marco don't know what love is, he has never fallen for anyone.

What happens when Marco notices Linni? Will there be love? Will Marco learn to love? Will Linni fall again? Or will there only be more heartbreak? Read to find out ;)

Sorry for typos, I'm not from England. I hope you will like my story!


2. Bad sign

~Linni's POV:~

We arrived and got out. We walked in together, then went our opposites ways to get to each our locker. I walked past the schools player, Marc I think it is.. No MarcO! He makes me sick, he stood there with a blonde chick making out. I made a disgusted face while walking past them. Then I felt someone bump my shoulder really hard so I fell, while the person said "Watch where you go!" I looked up to find a hot guy, with brown hair and green eyes looking down at me, he looked a little older than me. He saw me and his face changed. It went from irritated to surprised. I thought no one noticed me? "I haven't seen you here before?" he said while helping me up. "Yeah, I usually don't get noticed much, hehe" I said nervously. He just looked at me, "I can't see why, you are so beautiful!" he said while looking me up and down. "Thanks, well umm, I gotta go." I said while walking away. In the corner of my eye I saw Marco looking at me. That is a bad sign. Fuck. 

I went to my locker and got my books out and went to class. I couldn't get the guy I bumped into out of my head. He was really hot, but I can't fall. Not after the last time..

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