Movellas Through Google Translate

Ever wondered how much a story can be destroyed through the power of Google Translate? Well wonder no longer, as I exploit my pieces and suggestions by you to show the world why Google Translate is Satan Incarnate!



 THE ORIGINAL: Three gods sit alone, a game of chess between them. Ffraid, Íde, Dagonet. One walks the earth with silent, roguish footsteps, breathing a smog of death and oblivion on the world of the living. A reaper of the dead, and mistress of deception and trickery. One undoes the destruction of her sister, and brings life into rotting woodlands and dying oceans, bringing with her the hopes of a planet. And the last, an idol for the strong who fights for his undoing with his sisters. He wishes for his mortality more than his life.

In the silence of the chamber, they sit, a legendary game board set out in front of them. They wait with baited breath for the last player to arrive. Preparation will do nothing to aid them in this game, especially not when they play against their father the very one who, no more than a thousand years ago, spun them into existence from his own hair.

“It’s a cruel game, brother.” Ffraid speaks, her voice matching her appearance. “But I would be lying if I didn’t admit that it was a fun one, at best.”

Long, tapered fingers re-position the ivory game pieces so as best to benefit her. A laugh as sweet as sugar syrup fills the chamber, seeming to echo off reality itself. As if on cue, she stands, and begins to pace, her eyes darting around, surveying her surroundings.


''Three gods, sitting alone in a chess game between. Ffraid, IDE, Dagonet. He died the death of a living world, and fog breath, silence, fraudulent footsteps walking on the ground. One dead reaper, and fraud, and a waiter at Con. One of his sisters cancels damage, and along with it, hoping to bring home, Woodlands sarha and dead marine life in the match. And his sister, he is struggling to be proud strengthen statue ago. His life more than he wants for his death. 

In the silence of the room, he sat in front of the famous board game. He arrived here last player to wait for bated breath. Organize and his father, made his hair in front of thousands of years, more than any other, can play an important role in this game can not do anything to help. 

"It's cruel game, brother, goes." Ffraid match the shape of his voice, he says. "This is excellent, it was fun, that is unacceptable, but I would be lying." 

Long-term suspension re-creation area elephant game pieces for the benefit of its best option. Sugar syrup, as sweet as suppressed laughter echo from him once, fills the room. CUE ", as he stood up and started walking, his vision for his research on the environment, darting around.''

Ah yes, I remember writing the scene when Ffraid became a man part-way through.

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