I live in a field of dreams. I'm trapped in my head. Constantly, my mind races between fantasy and reality. Mazes upon mazes, I've given up separating right from left. I'm constantly fighting myself, and I am losing. I am Macy.

Macy is in a coma. She knows some things are real and some are fake, but she has no clue which images are true and which are a figment of her imagination. She's been this way for a long time. That's the problem, she's running out of time. Macy needs to get to the end of the maze, her mind, and she needs to wake up to redeem her prize. Macy needs to escape her dreamworld before she's trapped there forever.


2. Chapter 1

Sweet Dreams


I awoke with a jolt. Falling, falling down hard and fast. I think that's how my dream ended. I think the worst part about dreams is that you forget them so fast.

Reaching up, I wiped the crust out of my eyes. I smelt some breakfast from downstairs. Quickly, I jumped out from under my covers and ran to the food. Nothing is more important to me than food. "Sup, kiddo," I looked up to see my Uncle Zayn smiling. "I smelt food so..," I trailed off making a plate.

Uncle Zayn is quite tan. He has long eyelashes that frame his big brown eyes. He quiffs his black hair up most of the time, but I prefer when he wears more like a messy bed head style. He's 27 years old and stands at 5'7 feet tall. We get along pretty well. Zayn has always been the uncle that I can sit around and have a good laugh with. Uncle Zayn and I just moved here to Westerway. He had received a really nice job offer. He's going to be some type of boss for a new business. Today is his first day of work, and it is also my first day at Westerway Highschool.

"How's the food taste," Uncle Zayn asked. "Mmmm gwood," I stated with my mouth full of food. I grinned at Uncle Zayn and raised my thumb up. Swallowing my food, I informed Zayn, "I think I should get ready for school now." "Yeah, you probably should start getting ready now. Be ready in fifteen minutes if you want me to drive you," I was informed. "You are so lucky I showered last night and brushed my hair," I said while rolling my eyes. 

I ran upstairs. First, I entered the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. I put on my glasses. After putting my brunette hair into a loose braid, I headed toward the closet. I put on my high-waisted black skinny jeans, Ramones t-shirt, and my black beat up converse with writing on them. Picking up my new purple backpack I walked downstairs.

Upon my arrival downstairs, I was greeted with the sight of Uncle Zayn sipping coffee, and spinning the keys around his finger. We both hopped into his black Jeep. I proceeded to change the radio station until found I song that met my liking. Breakeven by The Script! "Rad! I finally found a good song," I yelled. A chuckling Uncle Zayn asked me, "Why don't you listen to music that more of the teenage girls like?" "Hmmm, I don't know what do you suggest, Uncle Zaynie," I smiled. "It's Uncle Zayn, and how about Demi Lovato, she's pretty good," he reasoned. "Your only saying that because she's your celebrity crush, and she's alright I guess. I'm just not a huge fan. She has a few really good songs though," I trailed off. I caught Zayn blushing probably because I mentioned his celebrity crush. "Whatever, it's time for you to get out," Uncle Zayn said nodding toward Westerway Highschool. "Fine," I grumbled while getting out. "Oh and Macy," Zayn smirked. "Yep," I questioned popping the p. "Have a good day," he smiled. "It's school there are no good days," I responded. Laughng he looked at me and stated, " I love you." "Love you too," I laughed while heading toward the school.

First, I need to head towards the front office and get my schedule. Considering I've never stepped foot in this building, I think I will need help. "Um excuse me, Im looking for the front office, could you exlain where it is to me?" I asked a brown headed dude. I'm secretky hoping this guy isnt a jerk and will point it out to me. I will be quite upset if he just tricks me. "Um sure, walk to the end ogf this hallway, take a left, continue until you see the double doors, keep going and you should see a sign that says Front Office," he explained. "Thanks," I shyly smiled. Let's just hope he was being honest. The brown headed boy had blue eyes, and his hair was whisked to the side like feathers. He had quite a few tattoos, my favorite had to be the one that I saw through his white shirt. It Is What It Is. He seemed pretty cool. I followed his instructions which did indeed lead me to the front office. After, retrieving my schedule I opened the office door and started my journey to my first class.

Surprisingly, I made it to my first class on time. It was Spanish. I'm alright with Spanish, this was Spanish IV and I'm was in Spanish V at my old school. We'll see how this goes. "Hola clase, tenemos una estudiante nueva hoy," The teacher stated. "Umm hola," I waved my hand and rushed to my seat. I'm not a huge people person, more like socially awkward. This will be a long day.

Throughout the whole class I kept feeling a pocking in my back. Finally I turned aroud and whisper yelled,"¿¡Qué!?" There was a blonde boy who was smiling, "¿Sabes español? Strangely the boy with beautiful blue eyes had an Irish accent, which sounded lovely speaking Spanish. "Sí, sé un poco español," I smiled. "The names Niall," the blondie reached out his hand. "The names Macy," I smirked. "It's official we are best friends," Niall stated proudly. "Says who?" I questioned. "Says me," he laughed.

At the end of the day I walked outside to go meet Zayn. As I walked outside I was met with a gray cloud of smoke. I started caughing. Leaning against the doors was a boy with a cigarette rested between his thin pink lips. He brushed a hand through his curly hair and chuckled. I met his green eyes before I heard Uncle Zayn honking the horn. Shaking my head I jumped in. "How was school,' I was questiones. "Good I guess, I met my best friend Niall, and his step brother Liam. They showed me around school, and sat with me at lunch. They also made me laugh so hard I almost peed myself like five times, so all in all I'd say good." I explained.

With my ear buds in I finally drifted off to sleep. In my dreamworld I was met with long blonde pretty hair, gray eyes, and a laugh just like mine. 


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