😈Preety Little Liars The Story😈

Rudderless without their missing leader Alison, four formerly tight high school friends named Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna band together when a blackmailer named A threatens to spill their dirt.
*Based on the TV hit series Pretty Little Liars*


3. The Bitch Is Back A Year Later

A Year Later

I was in my room looking at myself in the mirror when my mom interrupted my thoughts. "Aria are you ok?" She asked me. " yeah It just feels weird to be home" I answered she said more but I was thinking about Ali so I didn't hear her. Then I finally spoke. "I still think about her everyday".

"Why don't you call your friends? They don't know we're back from dads sabbatical" she told me. "On the news they're calling it the anniversary of Alison's Disappearance like its a party or something" I told her.

"Why don't you give them a call? You five are inseparable and those feelings don't just go away." She told me. "I need a ride to Lacrosse!" Mike yelled. I took the phone out of her hand and laughed. "I'll take it" I smiled.

At Lacrosse Practice

"Hey what time am I picking you up?" I asked Mike. "Ummm...6." He said. "Ok I'm gonna go get some food?" I told him. "Ok" he said. I looked over at the time and it was 4:15. I took out the phone and was gonna call the girls but I panicked and closed the phone and started driving.

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