Jeff the Killer's victim

I called out into the darkness for the assurance that someone human would join me. There was no answer. Moving through the darkness, I tentatively eased my barefoot way across the cool wooden floor, hoping to find a light switch, a lamp, a candle. I found none. I tried to take a deep breath to focus on adjusting my eyes to the blackness. The silence was thick as cotton, stuffing my ears and muffling even the sound of my own heartbeat. Then I heard a crash.


1. guidelines and goals (author note)

Guidelines and Goals!!

Hai there, my pretties.

I just want to say that this story will be one of my better ones. (hopefully)

Some of my updates will be grammar and spelling fixes.

Each chapter will be at least 1,000 to 5,000 words and the entire story

will have at least twenty chapters.

I would like your feedback and opinions.

I would also like you ideas.

I will NOT tolerate bullying and judging.

I always follow back and won't unfollow unless you piss me off!!

Well that's it, Byuue my little children.

Be my guest and do the honor for me: Go to Sleep!

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