A Cinderella story

Ariana Grande (Not famous) is a girl who's deeply broken. Her dad died leaving all of his money to her evil step mom Fiona and her two annoying daughters Ashley and Brianna. Justin Bieber (Famous) came to Stratford, Canada to finish high school, senior year. With these 2 teens with different lives will they ever meet?


1. Characters

Ariana Grande - Broken, lives with evil step mom Fiona and two evil/annoying step sisters Ashley and Brianna. Loves singing, dancing, acting, (Not famous yet) 

Ashley Gracia (Grande) - (No nose piercing) annoying and evil. Hates Ariana Loves Justin Bieber! Is a bit slutty and is lazy. Can't sing or dance but can gossip


Brianna Gracia (Grande) - (No nose piercing and has shorter hair) is also really annoying and evil. They both are spoiled. A bit slutty and loves Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber - (Famous) funny, Sings and dances, prankster going to Canada to finish high school senior year.

Fiona - (If you have seen the movie imagine her) Horrible, evil, and took all of Ariana's dads money when he died and became rich. tries to become famous and thinks is good at singing. 


Well I want to start cause i'm anxious lol

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