A Cinderella story

Ariana Grande (Not famous) is a girl who's deeply broken. Her dad died leaving all of his money to her evil step mom Fiona and her two annoying daughters Ashley and Brianna. Justin Bieber (Famous) came to Stratford, Canada to finish high school, senior year. With these 2 teens with different lives will they ever meet?


2. 1

Ariana's prov

It's a chilly fall morning about 5, have to get up extra early to start working. School starts at 8, so I dressed early wearing 


I quietly went downstairs and began to get cooking for Fiona and other 2 brats. They apparently wanted bacon, pancakes, salmon, eggs, and blueberry smoothies. I prepared the stuff and laid it out for them and ran back upstairs to spray myself in perfume and grabbed my skateboard. I know why don't we have a cook if were rich well technically my step mother is and she just simply hates me and wants me to be her slave. I checked my face for any bruises and checked my wrist. I went downstairs and ran out the door onto my skateboard. I can't wait to meet my best friend her names Jennette Mccurdy I love her to death she's been through everything with me.

I arrived school early because i help out the teachers before school and i work in the library for extra credit. Okay I actually do this because i have an excuse to get away from the house. 

Mrs.Leo: Hey Ariana how's everything

me: Fine, so what do I have to do today

Mrs.Leo: Well not a lot actually pass these paper bundles to every teacher in the school.

Okay well I basically had to pass 42 papers to each teacher in the school

Ariana: Well okay but what are these papers for

Mrs.Leo: Just some dance competition were having for a scholarship to a dance school and a 10,000 dollar prize

Ariana: W-wow, 

I was amazed dance I love dance, but um nobody knows i dance except for Jennette that's it

Ariana: Alright well i'll get these papers delivered.

I took those cart things the janitor has and place all the paper and started my route. 


Skipp the passing lol


I finally finished and headed for class, math guess Jennette is not coming to school today

I sat all the way in the back of the class I hated the front. As I was sitting I heard some girls squeal and whisper well talk about Justin .......... school ........here well whoever this Justin is apperently already popular. Class started and you know the usual. 


Skipp School Cause today was boring


Fiona: Ariana you have to go to the diner pronto

Ariana: Why

Fiona: Melissa is sick today and can't make it today, and plus you already do have a shift this whole week unless i say so

Ariana: i'm goin, im going

I changed into a hoodie and leggings and walked out the door with my skateboard and made my way to the diner for my shift and then i have to head for dance. I took off my hoodie that revealed my black full sleeve shirt, I put mu apron over and started with washing dishes, then cleaning tables, taking some peoples orders, and handing out food. I finished my shift by 6:30 today i had it easy because well Fiona didn't stop by. I put my hoodie back on and took my board and made my way to the dance studio that was my dads. Yup my dad owned a dance studio and this studio is my secret place not even Fiona knows about this because in the contract my dad didn't include this he wanted this all for me because he knew my passion for dance, singing, and acting but ofcourse nobody cared except for my dad he wanted me to be big and maybe i will be one day. In the dance studio we have a huge dance place, and 2 more dance areas. We have 2 recording rooms and that's where i like to have fun with my own voice and explore my voice and have fun with music. I personalized this studio to be mine and my dads, I have my dads favorite quotings  on the walls, Me and my dad's pictures framed on the walls, some musicals notes on the note. I walked in the the area and took a deep breath and turned on the music and started moving to the rhythm of the music, i love dance it just came to me whenever a song came on, my body just knew how to move with the music. -After a an hour- I was in the middle of practice when Fiona callled me cause she needs something really important from me. I grabbed my board and headed out taking one last look and said goodbye to my dad i know it might seem weird but it's just something i do. I arrived home to see Fiona ranting at home while the twins were chasing her talking and jumping around.

Fiona: there you are

Ariana: Why

Fiona: Were gonna have guest come stay with us for a week next week till they find a new house

Ariana: Ookayy

Fiona: And i don't want you to come out of your room a lot

Ariana: anything else

Fiona: In front of them you are our maid/cook alright

Ariana: Aren't i basically already

Fiona: Just say in front of them

Ariana: Alright i'm going to bed


Justin's prov



Pattie: Because i want you to finish high school like a real kid, and Selena can come hwenever, considering she practically lives with us now.

Justin: Where are we gonna live

Pattie: Well my old high school offered us to live with her until we find a house

Justin: Mom were rich we can find a house easily

Pattie: Well whose gonna get the house personalized and work on it and move the things in it considering we have so many things.

Justin: I'm gonna go for you but I'M NOT GONNA LIKE IT

i stormed into my room slammed my door, i can't believe this!!!!!


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