Secret crush on my best friend.

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16. this is why i love you

Lukes POV.

I woke up to Diana in my arms. BEST THING EVER!!!!

I'm happy we have a week off because the school had this inspection thing. It's Friday and we have 4 days left :( but what can you do? I get up with Diana in my arms and lay her back down. I step over the boys and go down stairs. I go to the kitchen and started to make breakfast. I put everything on plates especially for Niall who had the biggest plate I could find. I started washing the dishes I used to cook. I was half way threw when I felt two arms wrapped around my waist. I turned around and saw Diana. "hey babes." she said. "Hayyyy!!" I said and kissed her. She giggled. God I love it when she giggles. I picked her up by her waist and spun her around. I carried and set her down on the counter. I went over and grabbed two plates and a fork and gave it to Diana. She hopped down and took the plate and sat at the table. I took my plate and was about to sit down and then I heard " FOOODD I SMELL FOOD GET OUT OF MY WAYYY!!!" Niall yelled. I put a plate down and said "Niall I have a plate for you already." I said and he came running in and ate it. Soon everyone was out and eating and when we finished we went back upstairs. "I boredddd." Liam whined. "Heyyy guys around 7 wanna go clubbing?" I asked every one nodded.  "But we have no one to take." Zayn said. "What about Perrie??" Diana asked. Yea what happened to  Zerrie? "Shes outta town." He said sounding sad. "Just don't cheat on her then don't get to drunk." Diana said sounding sure. "Can't someone stay with me?? NIALL BRO STAY WITH ME!!"  "But I wanna get drunk.... ON  YOU AND HIGH ON SUMMER TIME!" He said we all died of laughter. "FINEE I'll stay with him!!." Calum said "and I'm looney  and stupid and crazy enough with out getting drunk." He continued. "true." We all agreed.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 5PM 2HRS B4 CLUBBING ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

"I NEED A DRESS I NEED A MOFO DRESS!!!" Diana yelled. "UGH HUGE EMERGENCY!!" "CHILL UR PEACH PEACH!" Michael screamed. She shut up. "THANK YOU!" He screamed. "Michael you are still screaming." i said. "Oh I know I just like being loud." He said being quieter. -.- This boy ugh! "IDEA!" Diana screamed. Wow we like yelling. "Ashy my boy!" She said. "You are coming with me CALUM MIKEY you too!" she continued. "Why not mee?" I whined after all I am her bf. "Becauseee your my bf  and I don't want you to see it right now!" She said. Smart girl very very smart. "Okay! Just babes don't cheat on me please?" I said sadly. She ran over hugged me and buried her face in my neck. God I love her!!! "AWE Babes l would never EVER do that to you!" She said. "God l love you!" l said. "I love you too" She said. "UGH LETS DO THIS SHIT!" Michael said. "Hey don't swear Calum said. "I can do what I want I'm punk rock" He said. (true fans would remember this Video (tbh i cant remember if it's a keek, video diary, or a interview.) ) "Ashy Cal D COME ON SO WE CAN GET THE FU-FRIGGEN DRESS!" "Were commin apple pie sweetie pie" Diana said. This will be fun.


Dianas POV.


LET DO THIS SHIT!!!! (I'm  going to make up a dress store okay? it better be:)) We get the mall and get to the BEST dress store/ party dress out fits. Called Dress and beyond we go in and I find my dress and shoes and we leave. "MIKEY!!!" "whatt?" He asks. I pull him over and point at a girl who has the same purple hair (only tips) as Mikey I swear his jaw dropped. "Ask her to go clubbing with us!!" I say and before he can reject he's standing next to the girl and i tapped her shoulder and ran back to the guys. He comes back with her and i find out her name is Alissa. "WELL IS SHE COMING!?!?" I scream. "Diana stop being loud." he says "says the guy who confessed he likes to be loud and Alissa I am so sorry that you have to experience  me hyper." I say and she just giggles. "It's okay my brother Jake is loud too and hyper all day every day." she explains. "Mikey ask her" I say nudging him. "Alissa will you go clubbing with us? And us as in the 8 other children." He says and I smack his arm... not playfully.... hardly. "OWW that ACTUALLY hurt!." He said. "Yes I'd love to come with the 9 babies and talented smacker." She said giggling and pointing to me at the end. "IDEA!!" I yelled. "WHATS UR IDEA?" They all screamed back. "HOLD ON MIKEY LOOK PET STORE!!" I motioned to the pets and he ran away. "Gurlll we getting yuh a dress!!" I whispered. "I don't haven money" she said sadly. "no but WE do." i said. "I-I can't Let you do this." she retorted  "But we'll buy it anyways." "FINE" She said. THIS is how we do it. We get her a dress and shoes then we hide them in my bag. "Mikey!!!" Alissa calls and he runs back and picks her up by her waist and spins her around. "AWE" everyone says. "ALI,CAL,ASHY,MIKEY LETS ROLL" I yelled. 

             ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 6PM getting ready▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Dianas POV 

"PRETTY GIRL PRETTY GIRL PRETTY GIRL!!!" Niall screams. "NIALL NAW HANDS OFF GO AWAY FOOD IN TH KITCHEN!!!" Mikey screams. "AWE MIKEY HAS A CRUSHHHH" Louis yells making kissy faces. "SHUT UP" Mikey yells. "Alissa I'm so sorry hold on... BOYS FRONT AND CENTER!!!" I yell and in 4 seconds I have 9 boys standing in front of me. "DIANA BABES!!!!" Luke says and runs up to me. Well 8 boys. " Luke. Line. Now." I say and he goes back over. "Alissa darling follow me to meet the 9 toddlers also known as my friends." I say and she comes down to the farthest end."Liam Alissa Alissa Liam." "Luke Alissa Alissa Luke." at the end my voice cracks. "Guys introduce yourselves ill be right back." I say and run up to my room.

Lukes POV.

Diana just got back and I'm really happy. She comes in with the guys and Niall starts screaming what i cant make out cause im in the kitchen. Then Mikey starts at it then I walk in and Diana is yelling to make a line and we do as told. I run up to her and are told to go back so I do. She starts with Liam and then comes to me and introduces Alissa to me and at the end her voice cracks and she excuses herself. "Diana. DIANA." "n-no" she says. "have. Have you been crying?" No answer. 'DIANA. Open this door right now okay open this door." I say she opens the door. "What." she asks. I throw her over my shoulder and carry her down stairs. "Babes tell me whats wrong." "No." she said. "Don't make me tickle you." "fine' she said. "one we have an hour to get ready and two Alissa is wayyyy more prettier than me and I didn't want you to fall for her. And I know you will so just break up with me now." She says crying again. "Awe babes no no no you guys aren't prettier than one another and I wouldn't fall for her because I love you always have from day one and I don't regret anything about it. Now I want you to go get ready and I hear Alissa is coming and I don't know if she has anything so pleaseee help her." I say. "okay." she says pecking my lips. "Noe." I say pulling her back and kissing her again. "Okay now you can go."

Dianas POV.

I go and find Alissa and we go up to my room. I hand her her dress and show her my bathroom and I go and get dressed I put make up on and 1-2-3 Fake smile here we go. You guessed it I'm not really in the mood to do this. Okay I look in the mirror 1-2-3-4 Put a smile on and take the floor (Don't judge it came to mind) I put a smile on my face and get my shoes and get my purse I put spare make-up in them. JUST in case. I can't find any of my razors which sucks but yah know.  Gotta live the life we have. I go down stairs and the boys mouths LITERALLY dropped but then i realized Alissa came down behind me. "Okay I know shes beautiful but can you wait until I'm out of the way for your mouths to drop. Thank you."  I say and they just stare at me dumb founded. I leave and sit on my front porch. I hear the front door open and i jump over the railing and start to climb the tree. Well try these Motherf*******  high heels. Why would some one let me buy high heels? CRAZY i tell you CRAZY. "Diana? DIANA. Diana Where the he-" he starts but then he sees me. Shit. "Diana explain." "No" I say and take my shoes off and climb the tree Luke took out his phone and did something. I assume he texted someone because I get up to my window everyone is in there. "What okay I know your gonna confront me about what I said bu-" I start but Luke comes over and kisses me. We break the kiss to breath. "Thats a clique way to shut someone up." I say giggling. "I know buttt its an amazing way." I agree and kiss him again. "GET A ROOM!!" Zayn yells. "I do have one but uhm ur standing in it." I say and he looks like he could slap me. "WAIT I HAVE A SURPRISE!!!" "oh god Diana has a surprise. ." Niall said. "And they Just arrived." I said and ran out "Zayn, Boys FOLLOW ME." i say. "SO YOU SAY ZAYNS NAME!?!?!?" Luke asks confused. As we get there I say. "You can come out now."  They look like they just saw a ghost. " PERRIE!!!!" Zayn screams and runs up and just about tackles her. "You weren't supposed to come back until 3 weeks." Zayn says excited. "We came home early because we had out jobs and never the less we had to and I couldn't stay away from my bae." She said. I go over and kiss Luke. "Babes this is why i love you." Luke said. "And whys that?" I ask teasingly "Wellllll" he said "you just made my mate bff happy that's a one in a life time chance like do you know that" he said smiling like and idiot. "Well here it mate comes with his mate"I say nudging him. We were sitting on the top part of the couch the back thingy you know. Yea Zayn just came over looked him dead in the eyes and pushed Luke he rolled off and landed with a thud. "What the he-" he was about to say when I shoved a pillow in his mouth. "Watch the mouth mate." I said in an Irish accent and Niall looked around confusingly. I just died of laughter. "Ur parents are never homeee." Luke whined "whys that bad?" I asked. " it's not it's actually good cause I'd get yelled at for doing this." He said picking me up and taking me out back and throwing me into the pool. "Okay I wanted to swim" I say and start swimming around "and if you only liked me for that then I'm here way to long because I normally never make him happy. " I say in a duh tone. "Well there's more duh!!" He said. God this kid needs to make his mind up. " get me out of here and I'll tell you " I said . We were sitting on the couch and Zayn kept kissing Perrie. And the boys wanted some one I could tell by the way they looked at Zerrie. "Okay what I like about you is Your you your perfect in every way. Your not fat. Your not ugly. Your not worthless. Your not a cow. Your not what people say about you when they say those hurtful things. What you are are (are are sorry when things like this happen) your skinny. Your pretty. No not pretty beautiful. You are worth everything. Your not a cow you barely eat sometimes. Your my life your my everything. Your mine. " he says and I hug him then kiss him on the lips. "Since I have this stunning and unfortunately short dress on imma change."I say. "I'm going to go home to get something but use the window so I don't wake anyone." Luke said. "Mhm don't try anything" Perrie yelled. "I missed my friend Perrie don't leave me again." I said and she giggled. Luke and I go to my room and dogs on my bed. "Babes what are you doing I gots to change." I say."yesss and ." He says. " and your in here and I and I would change right here if I wasn't so concerned about what people would think of my body." I say. "Babes ur beautiful. " Luke said "Awe thank you babes!" I say. I fine one of Luke's shirts and get some pajama shorts and change faster than I ever had before. "Oh and babes next time you climb a tree don't be in a dress because when people look up to check on you they might see your lacy panties." Luke says before going to his house to get clothes.

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