Secret crush on my best friend.

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27. Should I forgive him?


Diana and Lou's POV

What the fuck just happened? 


Dianas Pov. (time skip of them dating for like 4 months)

I looked at Louis as we cuddled watching horror movies.

God how is he so damn hot like he's hotter than the sun and the core of the earth mixed.

"Like what you see babe?" He asked smirking at me.

"A lot to be exact." I smiled.

"Awh such a cute ass couple" Mikey said smiling. I looked away from Lou's

Beautiful face and looked for Michael only to see him leaning on the door way.

"When'd you get there?" I asked blushing.

"a while ago just long enough to see you starring lovingly at peterpan." Mikey smirked.

"I'M NOT PETERPAN FOR FUCKS SAKE!'' Lou said groaning.

"YES YOU ARE!!" I said giggling.

He glared then started tickling me. "Mikey HELPP" I finally gasped out.

Mikey came over and pulled Lou off of me chuckling. Lou's phone buzzed and he read the text message.

"Hey I'll Be back." HH said standing up and walking out of the house to go out back.

I quirked a brow and looked out the back window to see if I could see him.

I could.

But I wish I couldn't.

There he was my Lou.

Kissing another girl. I got choked up and backed away from the window.

My vision started going blurry. I turned and ran out of the beach house.

 I could hear James shouting and his footsteps coming closer.


It was to late I was already hit by a car speeding over the speed

limit. Before I Knew it I blacked out.



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