Secret crush on my best friend.

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10. School

Dianas POV.

Ughhh school WHYY! i roll over and turn my alarm off. Why is it set for 5:30? OHHH YEEEAAAAA i wanted to wake up early because i need to get int he swing of things duhhh stupid meh. I get out of bed and look at my wardrobe. (which is on my opinion A-W-E-S-O-M-E) I open the doors and almost have a heart attack. '' LUKE WHY ARE U IN MY CLOSET!!!" i yell whisper. He falls out laughing. This boy is getting on my last nerves. He stands up '' Idk why im in here oh yea u left ur window unlocked and i was bored and already dressed.'' He Explained. '' What time do you wake up!?!?!'' i ask starting to laugh a little. '' Who said i slept?'' he said still laughing. '' you never went to bed?'' i asked him. He shook his head. ' okay then now move so i can get something out to wear.'' i told him. He moved. ''thank you.'' i said and he nodded. I looked for clothes but i felt a pair of eyes on me. " why are you starring at meh?" i asked still looking for clothes. DAMN when did i get so many clothes but then again i have like 5 mall trips planned for this week. " its true i guess... girls do have eyes on the back of their heads.' he said."no i just got used to people starring so ik what it feels like..." i said. "oh.." he kinda mumbled so i think thats what he said. I FINALLY found an outfit and by this time Luke was sitting on my bed trying to unlock my phone. : I have news for you you'll never get it." just then i saw my phone unlock. "HOW DID YOU DO THAT!?!?!" i asked slash shocked. He just smirked. Its never good when Luke Robert Hemmings smirks. 'I never knew you liked our band that much." he said. Shit. "its easy to remember..." i said. He just laughed. Yup last nerves. " I'm going to take a shower stay go idc." i said heading into the bathroom with my phone and clothes. i went back out and got myself a white bra and matching underwear hiding them from Luke. " btw nice panties." he said making me blush. I ran into the bathroom and closed and locked the door. i started my shower striped and got in i shaved and washed my hair. I was about to wash my body when i got a text. Ehh it can wait till later. i washed my body then got out. i wrapped my self in a towel then looked at my phone. From Luke: hurry up i gotta pee!!  " Really Luke had to text me that u had to pee. i have the whole second floor that has two bathrooms next door and you wanted to use this one?" i yelled threw the door.  "yup NOW CAN I GO PEE!?!" he sounded like he had to go. Bad. i put my bra and underwear on and then wrapped a towel around my self grabbed my clothes and phone then went out. "GO now." i said and he ran in. i put my dress on just in time and he came out i wrapped my towel around my hair. i sat down at my "desk" i just use it for make-up. I looked in the mirror DAYM im ugly. I put on a peachy  lipstick color and did my eyeliner and mascara black like normal. I put navy blue  earrings and a gold bracelet. I put my sandals with the whit straps on and put some perfume on. i went and looked in the full length mirror. Now my hair. I unwrapped my towel from my hair and straightened it then brushed it threw. I went to see how it looked in the mirror it looked good but one more thing. I went to my make-up desk and looked for my dye. I found my peach color. This is why i love my Aunt Kimmi she gave me dye for all my clothes to match she refills them to make sure they are good and for the outfits that we got rid of we get rid of the dye too and when spring cleaning came I did clothes and she comes and helps and makes sure all my Make-up is good. I love her like a sister. I took the dye and did the tips of my hair. I also love having blonde hair. Luke looked at my hair like my mum wouldn't approve. "Luke don't look at me like that she didn't care when i got my lip pierced. She's used to me Dying my hair." I said and he nodded. I looked at the clock ^:45 the bus gets here at 7:30. Lucifer lets go get breakfast. i ran and tripped but Luke caught meh. "Ty Lucifer." i said and he chuckled. "Yw Diana. btw short dress and the fall thanks for the show." he said and winked. I blushed. "Lets just go." I said we went down and got breakfast well an apple each. And with that we grabbed out book bags and went to the bus. Boys were starring at us . Until we both said" wanna take a picture it lasts longer." we looked at each other and laughed. We just acted stupid around by the bus stop until the bus came. We sat in the back next to each other he sat by the window. "LUKE mwe want thwe window." i said and put my lip out and he just laughed and shook his head. Wanna be like that Hemmings 2 can play at that game. so i went and sat on his lap. "i wanted the window seat and i got it." we both laughed and rode to school the rest of the way like that. we got out and people started looking at me and calling me a slut. bitch. whore. basic. Luke with that cow hmp he must be drugged. Ouch. Wait I have my razor. YES!! i ran to the bathroom crying away from Luke to the other side on the school.

Lukes POV.  (starting at school but about the Wardrobe thing Luke pranking Diana.)

Shit. I saw Diana run to the other side of the school as i watched the Peach dipped tips vanish. I looked at the people who Bullied her and held up the middle finger. I found Michale, Ashton, Calum, Niall, Liam, Harry, Zayn, and Louis. we ran to the girls bathroom on the far end no one ever went in those ones thank God. JK JK. we ran in and heard crying Diana was by the mirror she didn't see us come in and she made on fresh cut on her wrist i looked at her wrist to see 6 cuts. she washed them and wrapped a towel around them and wiped her make-up odd and reapply it. She saw us and hid the arm with the cuts on it. " hi gu-guys." she said stuttering. I saw the pain in her eyes and i ran up to her and hugged her. "why did u cut?" i asked her. " i couldn't he-help it." she said quietly. then the guys came over and we all hugged her. Thats when all the people who bullied her came in Zayn And Michael guarded the door begin the strongest and they just realized they fucked up. " oh look the baby came in to cut." one said pretending to cute her wrist. she came over and tried to flirt with me. Like Bitch no. " awe look whose flirting to bad id NEVER EVER date a slut, bullier, and how. like you.." i said and she looked at my like she was about to cry. they tried to leave but couldn't cause the door was blocked. i looked at Niall and he came over and i told him to tell the principal to come to the far end bathrooms tell him you'll explain when u get there. i whispered so only he could hear it. he nodded and Told Zayn and Michael some how quieter than me and they let him go. 

Nialls POV.

I left after i told Zayn and Michael what Luke said. i ran to the principals office and told him he came with me. i knocked on he door telling them it was me and they opened the door. They told the principal and the girls tried to to protest but it didn't work. they were Expelled for the next two months.the principal allowed us to have the rest of the day to mess around and do what ever because we did the right thing and they told our parents but we told them not to tell them about the bulling because we wanted to do that ourselves. Lies i bet we wont. ;). we wrapped Dianas wrist and i suggested signing it so after em the boys did too.

3rd person (im only telling about what they signed.)

Niall: Don't cut and im hungry 

Zayn: We love you don't listen to them

Louis: Hi love don't hurt yourself

Liam: stay strong

Harry: I didn't know you dyed ur hair but anyways stay strong.


Calum: Stay Strong love -with infinity sign-

Ashton: Don't cut if i could stop you can

Luke: what they said isn't true don't cut because of the lies you know what they say isn't true<3 stay strong i love you i always have always will. <3 ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Dianas POV.

We went to Starbucks and after that i had something to show them. It was hidden down town. NO ONE but me knew of it only because that Part of town was abandoned. I explore. It was an abandoned building and i changed the knob and got a key it could only be unlocked with the key. I come here every day after school. I unlocked the door and told them to come to the second floor. we all went and this is my... graffiti studio. they all looked amazed i told them any rooms on this floor were open do what you want then we went to the third floor that was my music studio and the first floor was my main living room area. Not even my mum knows she thinks i got to Starbucks every day after school. i had Bags upon bags full of spray paint normal paint empty cans and paint brushes. They looked at me amazed i just shrugged i gave them each a key to here they all opened all the doors but i said if i found out ur bringing other people here im gonna have to take their key. they all nodded. we left and went and did a prank at target selling both the bands cds did i mention they are a little famous but neither go on tour ever. lol i swear. im happy we went skate boarding i picked up a  skate boards did a lot of tricks but i wanted to do one but i couldn't because of my wrist. when we were done we went to my house.

This is Dianas outfit 

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