Secret crush on my best friend.

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4. first day of school or hell

Luke's POV

I woke up with the sun shining in my face. 'Why the hell was my alarm set for 6:45 when it's summer?' I thought. I got up made my bed and looked at the calendar. Holy. Shit. Now I know why my alarm went off. I took my phone out and texted Diana knowing she wouldn't be up.


L-are you awake?

D- I am now. Why?

L- because today is the first day of school.

D- holy fuck holy fuck holy fuck holy fuck!!!

L- yea get ready meet you at the bus

•end of conversation•

I put on a nirvana shirt and some black skinny jeans and some black vans I grabbed my phone and got my back pack and went down satires for breakfast.

Diana's POV.

I put some music on and got in the shower. After that I washed my face and brushed my teeth and hair then I put on my favorite nirvana shirt and some black skinny jeans and black vans. I put my black beanie on my straightened blonde hair. I went down stairs grabbed an apple and went to the bus. About 5 minutes later Luke had gotten there. "Kill me please." I said. He looked at me confused and asked,"now why would I do that." "Maybe because every year I get bullied and then go into hiding." "Well then if anything happens to you when I'm around you which will be always. Because I'm here for you I'll go and knock the shit out of them or tell someone." I giggled. 2 minutes later we looked at each other. "Omg." we both said. "You stole my look." We said again. "Stop!!" We said then sighed. We broke out laughing and I'm assuming we looked like tomatoes when we got onto the bus.

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