Secret crush on my best friend.

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2. Chapter one: flash back.

-6 yrs ago both Diana and Luke 14/13-

Diana's POV.

We cleared the house out all the boxes are in the car and we did one more run threw the house to check we got all the boxes and everything we need. I put the last of my boxes in the car and close the door. I locked the door after I grabbed my purse and the key and my parents were out of the the house locked the door and gave the key to the new owners. This is it were moving. Here we come Australia. -skip car and plane ride- after we got to the house (two floor 5 room each -not including bathroom in each room- first floor 2bedroom with bathrooms, main bathroom, kitchen , and a living room/dining room. _second floor-two bedroom with bathrooms,empty room my walk In closet,main bathroom,and a quite room where I can go to be alone._) my parent got the other boxes and ig got mine they already got all theirs inside and I was still working on mine out side I picked up three boxes (I had like 10 left) and one fell "crap." I mumbled I but the boxes down when someone started talking. Startled I turned around and saw a boy around my age dirty blonde hair same hight. " you almost have me a heart attack!" I said "sorry...uhmm do you need and help with those?" He pointed to the boxes. "Would you mind helping me?" I asked " I wouldn't mind at all and uhmm what's your name?" He asked looking at the ground. "Sorry my name is Diana Edwards.What about you?" I asked playing with my hands. "I'm Luke Hemmings." He replied "we should start or get the boxes inside...." He said "yea let's go." I said quietly. I picked up two boxes he got three including the one I got thank God it was just clothes. We went inside and my parents looked at Luke. He looked at the floor "mum dad this is Luke he is helping me with my boxes okay?" I asked/ explained. The just nodded. "Diana dear your on the second floor you can have it all to yourself do you want that or do u wanna stay down here with us?"my mum asked. "I'll go upstairs that's fine." I said kind of quietly. Luke and me walked upstairs and the door all the way at the end of the hallway was one bedroom I picked that one because the other one was to far the other way. I put the boxes down so did Luke he looked out the window " hey my room is right over there." He pointed at the house next door to bad a tree was blocking most of it. "Cool." I said kind of awkwardly."we should get the rest of the boxes." After about another 1-2 hours of getting boxes in the house and up the stairs into my room both of us were sweating like hell. I sat on the window sill. It was around 2pm. "Hey Luke" I said "yea?" He asked. "Can u stay and help me unpack my boxes?" I asked shyly/awkwardly/quietly. "Sure I'm gonna go tell my mum I'm over here helping you okay?"he said "okay take your time." I said

Lukes POV.

I was walking out side to ride my bike and saw about a girl around my age struggling to get boxes inside. I walked over her not seeing me I don't think. She dropped one and mumbled"crap." Uhmmm should I ask if she needs help.... Yea that's nice. "Do you need help?" I asked she turned around I think I scared her whoops. " you almost gave me a heart attack!!" She said "sorry... Do you uhmmm need help carrying those boxes?" I pointed to them "If u don't mind..." She said quietly. "I wouldn't mind at all..... Uhmmmmm what's your name?" I said awkwardly. "Sorry I'm Diana Edwards and you are?" She said "I'm Luke Hemmings we should start getting the boxes inside." "Oh yea." She said quietly. I picked up three boxes including the own she dropped and she got two we went inside and he parents stared at me. I looked at the floor awkwardly adjusting my hold on the boxes "mum dad this is Luke he's helping me with my boxes okay?" They nodded "Diana dear u have the whole second floor or you can be down here with us."her mum said " " upstairs is fine." "Okay Hun ." We went upstairs and put the boxes In the farthest room In the hallway. Really? That one-.- I put the boxes down and looked out the window "hey come here that's my room i said pointing over at my house." "Cool."she said quietly/awkwardly/shyly. After about 1/2 house of getting boxes upstairs threw the house and to her room she sat on the window sill. I think we both agree we were sweating like hell. It's the middle of summer what do u expect? "Hey Luke?"she asked quietly."yea?" I asked "will u help me unpack?" she asked. "Sure let me tell my mum I'm over here it's only like 2pm." "Okay take your time."she said. I ran over here more likes jog and told my mum I was helping Diana. I went put a t-shirt on and some shorts on and my sneakers. And went over to help.

Diana's POV.

"Welcome back Luke." I said. "Thank you." He said and smiled. "Let's start with my clothes. " i said. We took the clothes boxes to the walk I closet I already had like 5 dressers in here. We started to take clothes out and fold them. I was trying to get my under clothes box but couldn't find it. Oh shit!! I turned to see a smirking Luke holding one of my bras. Awe fuck. "Give it back!!" I said. " come and get it!" He said and ran out of the room. Ughhhh!! I ran after him for like half an hour and finally got it back I gave him the box with my shirts instead at elsst he didn't get to the bottom where my pads were. YES!! We finished and it took us about 2 hours it was 4pm now and my mum ordered pizza. "Diana!!!!" My mum yelled "yea??" I yelled back "come here!!!!" She said I sighed and went down. "Yea mum?" I asked. " ask Luke if he wants to stay for pizza."she said "ok." I said and ran to my room. "Lucifer do u want to stay for pizza?" I asked. He nodded his head and laughed. " what?" I asked while giggling. "Did u call me Lucifer?" He said between gasps. " yes I did" I said calming down. We are pizza and Luke went home. We agreed to him comming over and helping me finish.

Lukes POV.

I got back she wb me back and I thanked her and we started on her clothes we split the boxes. Lucky me I got the underclothes. I saw her panicking to find it i smirked and held up I of her bras "give it back!!" she yelled "come and get it!!" I said and ran out after about half an hour she got it and we finish in about two hours. Her mom called her down and after bout a minute she came up and asked "Lucifer do u wanna stay for pizza?" I nodded and laughed "what's so funny"she giggled. I caught some breathe and asked "did u just call me Lucifer?" I laughed. She nodded and said "yes I did." And she contained herself. We ate pizza and I agreed to come back tomorrow. I left and went to bed.

Diana's POV.

We finished the rest of the boxes in a couple of hours maybe 2. We swapped phone numbers and we texted the rest of the day

Luke's POV

We finished the rest of the boxes in a couple of hours 2 I think. We swapped phone numbers and we texted the rest of the day


Lukeisapengiun - heyy

Diana- heh

Lukeisapengiun- wyd

Diana- being bored wbu


Diana- I'm so damn bored

Lukeisapengiun- hey I'm having a couple of friends over in like 15 minutes wanna go?

Diana- idk I'm shy like very shy

Lukeisapengiun- I'm haveing 8 other people over you'll be fine

Diana- fine let me ask my mom

•end of convo•

Diana's POV

I went downstairs "mum can I go to Luke's in like 15mins he wants me to meet some of his friends" I asked she said sure and I went and got ready. I put ripped shorts on and put some sandals on and got a t-shirt on that said keep calm and go to sleep. And I took my phone out and txted Luke.


Diana- can I come over now?

Lukeisapengiun- yup three are already here

Diana- okay I'm comin rn

Lukeisapengiun- see ya in a couple of secs.

•end of convo•

I put my phone in my back pocket and went to Luke's I knocked on the door and he opened it. I walked in and saw three idly her guys. Oh gosh. "Who's the cutie" some guy said with dyed hair. I looked at Luke and he introduced me to every one Michael had died hair Ashton wore a bandana every where and Calum had a nice tan. 5 more guys showed up and I was introduced blonde Niall guy with curls Harry guy who wore suspenders louis guy with tattoos Zayn and the last guy was Liam

•Flashback over•

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