Secret crush on my best friend.

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15. Best Day Ever (sad and happy conatins Language)


Dianas POV.


I wake up to see all the boys sleeping. This could be fun. -cued evil laugh(A.N sorry had to lol)-  Nialls closest so i write on a note that food is no longer valid in Australia. Hehehhehhe. Sorry guys but i went easy with Niall. The rest i got a bucket of ice water and put at least 100 ice cubes in it. I better hide after this. I pour about 1/8 of the bucket on each then put ice cubes on them then run and hide in the bathroom. Mwhahahahahhahaha.  -5mins later- I hear Niall screaming about food and how hes gonna miss Nandos and the rest are screaming cause their cold hah i have the towels. I walk out and act shocked at the 9 screaming boys. "DIANA!!" Luke yells. Oh shit. I try to run but slip on ice/water damn im stupid. Calum goes into the bathroom and turns the shower on. Uh oh. Luke has me pinned i try to get free and I fail so i give up. Calum comes out and Luke picks me up and takes me to the bathroom. (no nothing like that you guys and your dirty minds XD) I look at Luke with big eyes and put my bottom lip out and say,"sowwie?" He looks at me and says " awe how can i do this to my princess?" he pauses and I smile. and then he says something im gonna make him regret. "LIKE THIS!!!!" He says and puts me in the freezing shower. "LUCAS ROBERT HEMMINGS!!!!!" (Okay I forgot if i gave Diana a last name so im just gonna make one up. okay? okay.) "Yes Diana Marie Johnson?" He says sweetly. "GET CHO ASS IN HERE BOY!"  I yell and he walks in and offers me a hand I go to take it but pull him in. "DIANA WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?!?!?" He asks. "What do you think smarty?" I say and by now were completely drenched and we lean in but Zayn HAS TO come in and scream, " VAS HAPPEN!" He yells. "Fuck you Zayn fuck you." Luke and me say at the same time. I get out with Luke and give the boys mops and have them clean up and their payment will be I will take them out to where ever they want for breakfast and I'll pay. Ive never seen any boys let alone anybody get as happy as they are.  I go to my wardrobe and get out  a spotted crop top and high wasted shorts. and get matching a strapless navy blue laced bra and matching panties and hide them from the boys but as usual Luke sees and says " cute and matching sexy." he whispers in my ear making me blush like a tomato. The boys notice but don't say anything. I go take a shower, wash my hair and body and shave. Then i get out and dry off and get dressed when im in my bra and underwear and about to put on my shorts Niall knocks on the door and says he has to pee and whines like a baby. To bad. "YOU HAVE TO WAIT AND THERE'S ONE DOWN THE HALLWAY IDIOT. " I yell and get dressed. "BUT I WONT MAKE IT."He yells and i giggle. and im dressed so i open the door and let him in and walk out drying my hair. I hear Louis whistle. "You can shut up im not a dog," I say earning OOOOOoooOOOOs and OHHHHHHS. He just glares and does it again. " Just wait Tomlinson just wait." I say. "I will." He says. I get my grayish brown boots and put them on. The dye washed out of my hair so i got out navy blue and put it in my hair did a few streaks then did the tips. Michael comes up and and takes some of my purple dye and puts it on the top of my hair. -.-.  "Clifford your gonna get it the worst." I say and he backs away so i just take a cloth and put it over the purple and finish doing the navy dye. Once I was done i went down and shockingly the boys did put clean clothes on. I dunno how they worked that out. I put my heart necklace and heart earrings and bracelet that i left in the bathroom down in first floor bathroom.  I go into the kitchen not seeing my parents and kiss Luke. "A Hemmings and a Johnson." My dad says. Shit shit shit shit shit. "What? What are you talking about you must be seeing things. You seem tired. Go to bed." I say but in the end I'm on the floor next to Luke and were dieing of laughter. I leave and go to the bathroom and when i come back i stop in the hallway. "Listen Lucas take care of her or ill be taking care of ur funeral bill." My dad says and Luke looks scared senseless. "I'm joking im joking. Just take care of her." "I will Mr.Johnson." "You can call me Rob and my wife Mary." I hear them say and then I walk out. "Mum,Dad can I have some money im gonna take the boys out to eat. They give me $160. Great they know how the boys eat. -skip breakfast at home-  "I love you so damn much" Luke says and kisses me. We have to break the kiss to breath and the boys are all saying ewww and get a room. "You heard them Luke lets get a room." I say and give him a look like just go with it.  And good thing my parents aren't  home because Luke picks me up by my bum and I wrap my legs around his waist. and he carries me to my room and he closes and shuts the door. "we can have some fun with this." I smirk. Luke catches on and pushes the bed frame against the wall and i (fake) moan and say "Luke har-harder."  and we continue to fake moan and grunt. and then we mess each others hair up and i put Lukes shirt on. "Be ready" i whisper to him. I open the door and the boys " literally fall into the room. "Holy shit i didn't think you guys would do it." Zayn says. "Yup." " Luke this must be true love." I say and he nods. Then we burst out laughing "Yo-you guys are idiots." I laugh and Luke and me are grabbing our stomachs from laughing to hard. "Luke we should be actors." the guys blushed. Hehehheheheh. i brushed my hair and took Lukes shit off and gave it to him. (hah kept my shirt on wow you have REALLLLYY dirty minds XD) I sat on the counter looking for food and I almost found something then then Luke spun me around and kissed me I played with his lip ring and made him moan. " Now can I get food,"? "NIALL!!' He called and Niall came running in with only socks on and he slipped on the wood and tried to stop but wound up hitting the wall. Everyone laughed and eventually him too. "Okay what did you want?" He asked. "We found ur twin." Luke said. I got down and went and kissed Nialls cheek. "TWINNNNNN!!!!" I yelled and jumped on his back making him fall. "Okay now i officially know im fat. DON'T ARGUE IK YOU ALL AGREE!!!" "Bae ur as light as a feather ur not fat at all!!!" "Mhm keep lieing  to yourself Hemmings." "But im not lieing to myself." "Then watch." I said as I jumped on his back causing him to almost lose his balance. "SEE YOU ALMOST LOST UR BALANCE ITS TRUE I AM A FAT ASS THE BITCHES FROM SCHOOL WERNT LIEING!!!" I said and ran up to my room and locked the door. I promised i wouldn't cut but promises are made to break.

Lukes POV.

"What the bloody hell just happened."  I asked stunned. "Diana isn't fat i had socks on and I slipped." Niall said. "I didn't know she was gonna jump on my back and it caught me off guard." I said. " Wait Diana never flushed her blades." Liam said. "SHIT SHIT SHIT DIANA DON'T!" Ashton yelled running up stairs. Followed by the rest of us. I picked the lock and ran in she must be in the bathroom. I picked the lock. There Diana stood 7 new cuts on her wrist. "Diana you promised." I whispered. She just stood there mumbling words like worthless,ugly,waste of space,no one loves me,no one cares,fucked  up,piece of shit. "Ashton whats going on?" Louis asked. "shes going threw relapse (sorry if i didn't use it right)"  He said. "A what?." Harry asked. "relapse is when she was fine the she relapsed or cut again." He explained. "how can we stop it?" I asked. She still hasn't said anything but hate so far. "we need to fine any severed blades and flush them while shes in this phase we searched every where we were almost done when i checked her makeup desk. And there i found a box of blades. In a little wooden box. I took it and emptied it into the toilet. there had to be at least 30 of them in there. We flushed any we found and had Michael and Calum run and get some where the top can't detach. (don't know if they are real just thought of it) And took the old ones and smashed them then flushed the blades. we washed her wrist and wrapped it and she was still in the phase so i took a piece paper and ripped them into strips and wrote things like: This is for the best, we love you , Princess don't do this,  cuttings not the answer, ur not fat ur beautiful, ur not worthless your worth every penny, your amazing , don't cut, the only fucked up thing are the bitches from school, ur defiantly not a waste of space, we care, we love you, ur not a piece of shit ur a piece of my heart. Thats all that fit and once I was done I put the box away and Diana snapped out of it. We wrapped her wrist again and lead her down stairs. I went and got 9 water guns and gave one to Diana and also a Nerf gun. She went up to Liam and shot him with it and before we knew it we were in the pool. And a little while later we were being yelled at by Mary (her mum) and Rob came and shot her and we had a giant water gun fight and we all dried off got into pj's and went to bed I fell asleep with the love of my life in my arms..... NIALL lol JKJKJK Diana.

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