Secret crush on my best friend.

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20. Beach Party

Dianas POV. 

It's like midnight and i have so much to do with the girls the guys just went to bed.  "Okay DO NOT wake the boys up." I said.Okay they all nodded. We got 5 tables and put each on each side of the yard together. (Yeah this chapter will suck) We went to dollar tree and hid the things in Brookes car. We went to her car and got all the things: Table covers,food,tray,glasses,beer Duhh. Teens alone on a beach with money. lol okay okay. We set the tables up got the things put on them the couzies the beer put in the Drink holder plastic things ( forgot the name :( ) We got done and it was like 4 in the morning so we went to sleep. I woke up to Luke screaming give me my towel and Liam running and jumping on the bed holding Lukes towel. I kicked Liam be hind the knee area yah know. And he fell and Luke got his towel and kissed my cheek. "THANK YOU!" he said. I made a noise and it sounded so damn weird and i went back to bed but 5 minutes later The boys and the girls are jumping on my bed. I rolled off the bed and stood up. "WHAT" I asked and they all shrugged. "LUKE"I screamed even though he was right next to me. "WHAT." He screamed back. "I WANNA ANOTHER TATTOO!!" I said and Mikey jumped up and down excitedly. "TAKE HER TAKE HER TAKE HER AND I WANNA COME!!!" He said. "FINE!" He said. "MIKEY cwan mwe dwye mwy hwair?" Alissa asked and he nodded. "YAY THANKS BAE!" She screamed. "OKAY THIS IS THE ORDER TATTOO,HAIR,SHOPPING AND THE REST OF THE GUYS BECAUSE WE ARE MEETING MY FRIENDS AND THEY LOVE YOU AND THEY WANT YOU TO TRY TO GO ON A DATE IF YOU DON'T TRY ILL LEAVE!!!!" I said and they nodded obediently. "ASHY ME WANNA TATTOO (they will date okay okay.)" Caroline said. "FINE." He said. YAY!! Okay "I NEEDA SHOWER." I said going to my wardrobe getting my high wasted shorts and my blue vest shirt thingy and my under clothes I hid them LUCKILY no one saw them.I showered got dressed. I walked out and got my boots. i reached in my pocket and something pricked me. "ow." I reached in and pulled out a blade and screamed. "HOW THE HELL DID THIS GET IN HERE WHO DID THIS!?!" I asked frustrated. "YOU WANT ME TO STOP CUTTING AND YOU PUT A FUCKING BLADE IN MY POCKET?" I screamed.  I threw the blade and went and sat on the couch looking at my scars. "LETS ROLL." I screamed getting ready. They all came down and we left. I sat down in the passenger seat. I put my head phones in and blocked out the world. We got to the tattoo store and i told the guy I wanted : an anchor with i refuse to sing. and Caroline got: Stay strong on her wrists. "Luke can i get my hair dyed too?" I asked and he nodded. I got my tattoo and I didn't even flinch neither did Caroline. "HAIR TIME!!" Alissa and I screamed. "CAROLINE WANTS TO GET HER HAIR DYED!!!" I screamed. "maybe but Ashy won't let me" She said and I glared at Ashton and he nodded. YESSSS! ( tattoos,hair,outfits will be posted at the end A LOT OF PICS) We get to flawless hair (random name) We walk in and I see my besite from back home. Damn a lot of people moved here. "JAMES!!" I screamed. He looked up and smiled that smile. "DIANA!!!'' He screamed back. He came over picking me up by my hips and spinning me around. "Diana why are you with one direction and 5 seconds of summer?" He asked. "How do you know them?" I asked. "I asked first." He said. "Ladies b4 gentlemen oh wait yea i should answer back first." I said. " Well back when I moved here i met Luke and he helped me and shit then uhm he introduced me to the boys here. Your turn." I said. "Sister." He replied shocked. "Oh yea Lucifer Mikey Ash Cal cal Food eater vain carrot hair and batman This is Jay jay or James. Lissa Brookie Jay Jay or James and Caroline you know him." I said and they said their hellos. "LETS DO THIS SHIT!!" I yelled and I got strange looks. We got our hair dyed then paid. We already had our dresses. "LETS GO HOME!" I yelled. "FINALLY!" Niall whined. "BUT TREAT TO DA BOYS!!!" I yelled. "GET IN LE CAR LE BOYS!!" I said and they did we went to Nandos and then home. Did I mention we found my friend Dakota also?? Oh yea and she likes CALUM!! So Dakota tagged along. Then we were about to leave and my other old school friends who moved here b4 me it slipped my mind:( Sarah,Ash,Lucy,and Sophia.) Sarah thought Zayn was HOT. Harry liked Ash (the girl). Lucy like Louis and he wouldn't stop starring at her. Liam liked Sophia and again wouldn't stop starring. "Lucifer, Mikey, Ash, Cal cal, Food eater, vain, carrot, hair, and batman this is Sarah,Ash,Lucy,and Sophia." I said pointing to the girls. The guys as in Zayn,Louis,Harry,and Liam flirted with the girls and the girls them. I have extra dresses awesome. We all got to my house and Luke and the guys started arguing over the remote. Perfect. "Girls follow me." I whispered luckily the guys didn't notice. "follow me and take off any heels." I said and they were all wearing vans good. I dropped the bags down and climbed with the girls following we went to the back and finished. We went to my room (using the tree) and we went and i showed them their dresses and I hid them.We went back down and the boys were still arguing. I sat on Lukes lap and took the remote and put some random shit and the girls sat on the guys laps. I kissed Lukes cheek and tried to stand up but only got pulled back down by him. "Whatt-" I was about to ask interrupted by Luke kissing me. "Lukeee."i said. "Hmm." He asked. "let meh goo." I said. and stood up. We told the boys to go outside and wait. We went to my room and we put our dresses on. We went out back and the boys mouths LITERALLY fell open. I went to the cooler (REMEMBERED THE NAME!!) and got out a beer and drank it. I pulled Luke by the water and was about to kiss him but pushed him in. I ran and jumped on Liam's back and told him to hurry because Luke was coming. He under stood and ran but dropped me in the water. "LIAM!!" I screamed and Dakota started to walk over to help but Calum picked her up and threw her in."CAL!!" She screeched"Sorry bae." He said and put his hand out and she pulled him in.  I ran and got a mustard and ketchup bottle and no one saw. YES. I went and squirted them down Zayns shirt. "WHAT THE HELL!?" He screamed. Oh shit. I ran but tripped. He came over and picked me up. "LUKEEE LUKEEEE HELP!!!" I screamed and he shrugged and kept eating. I got out of Zayns grip and pecked Luke on the lips. "Would've been longer if you saved me." I said running inside and changing into my bikini. (same one) I came out and laid on my towel. Then Dakota came and sat on my back. "Bitch what are you doing?" I asked. "Language." She said. "You are spending wayy to much time with Cal Cal." I said. "Ehh." She said. "SHE CAN DO WHAT SHE WANTS SHE IS PUNK ROCK." Michael screamed. (lol remember  that keek/ video diary I changed it a little bit tho ;)) "No shes not." Calum said. "Hey Cal why don't you tell it to my fist."I said. He just shook his head fast. I heard a knock on the door and Liam offered to come. We went.Taylor Swift was standing at my door. (i kinds hate her in real but not as much as i do when im writing this but im not a swifty.) "Taylor Swift what are you doing here?" I asked. "Why does a rat like you deserve to know." She retorted. "Because this is my fucking beach house your slutty ass is in now tell me." I said. "well at least I don't starve and cut myself." She said laughing. I ran up to my room and locked the door.

Lukes POV.

Diana and Liam were taking a while so I went in. "at least I don't starve and cut myself." Taylor Swift said. WAIT TAYLOR SWIFT. I walked in and Diana ran past me and up to her room. "Wheres the fat blonde pig?" She asked referring to what she called Niall that one time. "Shouldn't talk that way bout yourself." I said. And Liam turned and looked at me smiling."Oh look cutters bf puke joined." She said. I walked over and was about to punch her when Liam pulled me  back. I slammed the door in her face."DIANA!!" I screamed along with Liam. "No." She said. "Don't make me come and tickle you." I said and heard the door unlock. WORKS EVERY TIME. Except once when she didn't believe me. But not the point. "Diana Taylor is a bitch. Don't believe anything she says okay. You tried cutting. You don't starve yourself. You'll be okay." I said. "Okay lets go before we worry the others." She said. "Okay." I said she fixed her make-up and went out smiling. But I could tell it was a fake smile. "Who was at the door?" Dakota asked. "Taylor Swift." I said. "why the hell was that slut here!?!?" Harry screamed. "Don't know." I said. "She never told us." I said. Diana went and laid on her towel. Then sat up and looked at the water. I came behind her and she didn't notice. I went and sat down on the towel behind her. "I love you." I said as she rested her head against my chest. "I love you too Luke." She said as she slowly fell asleep.






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