Secret crush on my best friend.

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30. apologies

Lou's POV.

Well duh I felt like crap while waiting in the hospital waiting room.

I mean I did cause this whole thing to happen so.

I nervously tapped my feet against the ground a little loud.

"Uh Mr. Tomlinson?"  Some one asked causing me to look up.

"Yes Doctor?" I asked standing up alarmed and scared.

"Mrs.Edwards can now see people and we need to tell you a few things." He trailed off scaring me even more.

"Which are?" I asked sitting down.

 "Mrs.Edwards is the sister of Perrie Edwards. And she will haves slight amnesia she will forget the past 3 and a half months." He said fiddling with his fingers.

"W-What?"I asked Niall coming over to me and squeezzing my bicep and shoulder gently.

At least Niall doesn't hate me.

I started crying a bit then went to Diana's room after.



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