Secret crush on my best friend.

#my #bff #is #my #crush #shhhh #ughhhh #why #do #i #like #LukeHemmings


1. a little bit about me.

Hello my name is Diana. I'm 19 and I get bullied. My life sucks. No body in my family notices I get by with the basic "I'm okay" lie!!! News flash when I say that it's just a giant lie!!! I have blonde hair. I'm an only child I live on the 2 floor all alone even tho we have 4 empty rooms downstairs. The reason I chose the second floor was because there is a tree out side with an easy in out access way without having to go downstairs. My best friend Luke lives next door he also lives on there second floor except his brothers and parents live on that floor. Our rooms are across from each other so we can see each other from our windows.

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