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2. This is Us

This is Us

By: FiercePrincessAlli

I really like this! It was a good short read and I understand that it is a prequel for "Reliving the Past" a story I never read (yet). I like the way you give the reader a good idea of the characters' personality and background. I also like Jaylon's character and the way he said, "You forgot to tell her I said hi." That was funny.

In chapter one, second paragraph, it seems like the mother says "I just" a lot and I think less of that would be more effective. Idk, maybe it's just me.

In the third paragraph you say, "belonging" when it should be "belongings". There were a few other minor things that I would possibly revise but, again probably just me.

•COVER: 10/10

Idk if you designed it yourself but I love it! I like the colors and the font, especially. The people are also good adds. All together it was very effective!


It never said much about "This is Us" and maybe you can add that into your story. So it would be better if you made a connection, like a character actually saying the title.

•BLURB: 7.5/10

The blurb is relatively accurate but I feel it could use a little extra to make you want to read the story especially if the reader didn't read RtP.


The idea of college and the boyfriend is good. I think if I read "Reliving the Past" it would be better but I haven't. You need to think about the audience that hasn't read the book too.


There were a few mistakes but all together pretty good!

•FINAL RATING: 8.2/10👍

Good job, FiercePrincessAlli!!!

Thx for being the first customer to "Writer's Review"!!!


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