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This movella is all about finding that perfect movella for you and helping other Movellas get noticed! I will give constructive criticism and suggestions. Also shout outs and other things will be given.
Author of the week.
Cover design competitions.
Movella of the week.
And much, much more.
Competitions will be held when enough people have favorited the movella.

Each movella will be graded 1-10 in the following categories:
Title matching story:
Plot and story:
Grammar and spelling:

How to get noticed is in the first chapter. Fill out the form and comment when done. Simple.



3. Awards of the Week

Author of the week: FiercePrincessAlli!!!! For being the first customer! Go check out her Movellas "This is Us" and "Reliving the Past"

Cover of the week: "Gold Eyes" by Lynmarie! Go check it out! It is sooo beautiful!

Movella of the week: "Wolf Lake" by Chloe McCormick!!! This Movella is sooo well written! I fell in LOOOVE with the characters! And I can't wait for "Wolf Moon" the sequel!!!

To get your writing abilities, cover, or Movella noticed comment below! Also I need customers, so comment the forms! ~SamiSoftball

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