Her little secret

Rosie is a normal girl with a normal life. The only thing not normal is her background. Rosie has got a bad and dangerous past that she can't bare to relive. Her mother decides that it is better to move to get a fresh new start and one day a special boy walks into her life and makes it even better than normal. But will she tell him her past? Or will he find out himself?


5. Chapter 4

Rosie's pov

"Yes mom?" I asked.

"Who was that handsome fellow"

"Just some guy" I said trying not to look at her face. But this is my mother we are talking about she knows when I'm lying. She grabbed my face and look at each of my eyes. I have to admit I was kinda scared. She smirked and said

" you like him! " danget! How does she always do that. I mean I don't like him I just meet him. Right?

"I don't not.!" I protested.

"Oh yeah yeah sure that's what I said to when I meet your father. Of coarse before everything happened." She said sadly. I was adored with the relationship before their marriage and me they were high school sweethearts. But she was kinda right I have never I guess looked at anyone that way.

"Um how about we finish packing?" I said trying to change the subject. "Yeah sure. " she said with a small smile.

sorry for the short chapters :( I need to think of more ideas•

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