Her little secret

Rosie is a normal girl with a normal life. The only thing not normal is her background. Rosie has got a bad and dangerous past that she can't bare to relive. Her mother decides that it is better to move to get a fresh new start and one day a special boy walks into her life and makes it even better than normal. But will she tell him her past? Or will he find out himself?


10. chapter 10

Rosie's pov

I changed into a skirt and a knitted loose sweater with boots. I went out quietly because my mom was asleep. I left a note saying I was going out with Harry. Speaking of him....where did he go? I told him to wait in the living room and now he's not here. I looked around and he was in my storage closet going through a photo album. I walked up to him and cleared my throat. He let out a little scream and jumped nearly dropping my book. I was silently laughing trying not to wake up my mom. He smiled a little and said " sorry I just wondered around and found this baby." He said smiling showing me the book."speaking of baby," he continued," weren't you so cute as a baby I mean look at your chubby bu-"

"Okay!" I said and snatched the book at him while he laughs a little.

"How about we don't start a conversation with my baby butt and go eat please?" I said and made a puppy face. He gave me a smirk and then came closer. And every time he did that he just made me weak to the knees. His mouth was at my ear and he whispered," you know, you look really cute when you do that face." I almost fell to the ground. My face was probably super red and I just stood there.

"But your right," he said and moved away from my ear," we should probably go eat." He smiled and made his way towards the door. I stood there for ten more seconds figuring out what just happened. I walked slowly towards the door and then opened. Harry was in his car already. I locked the door and made my way to his car. I got in and he smiled at me. I smiled back. But my smile was not the same as his. His smile was somehow gave me a goo feeling about him. We drove to the restaurant, and on our way there we had some great laughs. I was really happy because no one has ever made me laugh this hard. Well except for, Liam...but he doesn't matter so yeah it's just Harry. We arrived at the restaurant and luckily they were still serving breakfast.

" so, do you think your ready." He said. I was looking at the menu and laughed a little then said "ready for what?" I looked up and smiled at him. But I stopped smiling because he was serious. I had realized what he was talking about,"oh yeah okay well what do you wanna know." I asked and looked down. He placed his finger gently under my chin and lifted my head and said,"Everything." I shivered at those words. I really hope there is another word for 'everything'. My eyes were getting a little watery but I looked at everything but his eyes because I'll know I will burst into tears.

"Why are you crying? Did I say something wrong? Damn it! I'm so sorry for whatever I did" he said. He looked down. I laughed a little because of his reaction. Maybe he really does care...

Harry's pov

I really do care for her. I don't care if we have only known each other for a couple of days. I heard her laugh a little. Why I she laughing? Gosh I'm so confused.

" you did nothing wrong it's just that, the word ' everything ' were my dad's last words before..before." She stopped hesitating to say it. She stopped looked at right at me and said," before I shot him." My eyes went wide. I could not believe she did that. "Why?" Was all I said.

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