Him im in love and pregnat at 14

When I found out I was pregnant pregnant wot his child will it ruin his life will he want the baby will be all on my own



3. is my baby okay

Is my baby ok was the first thing I said when I get up because they said I have been I a coma for 5 months because of how badly Beaten I was

then the nurse came in and started to ask me all different questions like what was my nam

I told her my name is hazel she ok hazel ur boyfriend bought u in here and told us that u were jumped. I was not jumped me and my boyfriend got into a big fight.

Because I am 14 and having his baby wait hazel ur pregnant yeah I am what 6 months now because I have been in. A coma for 5 and when I got beaten I was a month so yeah 6 moths pregnant

omg I didn't know u were pregnant I have hto get u to the ultrasound room to see if the baby is okay wait u don't know if my baby is okay no I don't because I didn't know u were having a baby ur 14 I dint think to give u a pregnancy test u can see this big bump r u blind. I'm huge

So we got the room and they checked me and said the baby will be fine I said okay can we got back to the room

When I got back to the room there was five people standing there I was like r u kidding me and the they all turned around it was Harry and his mates he was like omg hazel r u and my baby ok well let me think I put me in a coma for 5 months

Zayn was like wait u put her in a coma u said she was jumped wait u told everybody I was jumped but really u beat because I am 14 and having ur baby wait she's pregnant Niall said yes I'm 6 months pregnant if u can't tell

all of a sudden Harry was down on one knee he said hazel will u marry me and I started to cry

Then Zayn said wait Harry what about ally then Harry started panicking hoping I wasn't paying attrition but by the time he turned I around I was screaming at hint to get.

Harry get the hell out of my hospital room and dot even think about being here for Vanessa wait we r having a girl yes we r having a girl and her name is Vanessa Brielle styles

Wow that's beautiful just like u

Don't start the sweet talking now u messed up big time Harry I would like u to leave please but u guys can stay if u want no we have to go Zayn said I'll stay Niall said and they all left but Niall stayed

All of a sudden I felt the baby kicking Niall came over and rubbed my tummy the he was looking in my eyes and then out of the blue he kissed me and I kissed him back he is a really good kisser noooo hazel why did u so that u heard someone scream

Omg Harry was standing there Niall said

Well u had sex with someone else and I actually really like him Harry and he rubs my tummy omg u Missed it vanessa was kicking and Niall was here that's when we clicked

Niall got down on one knee and proposed I said omg yes yes yes

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