Him im in love and pregnat at 14

When I found out I was pregnant pregnant wot his child will it ruin his life will he want the baby will be all on my own



6. finally my baby girl is here

Hi Vanessa everybody said when she came out we were all so excited to her finally we get to see her I already am in love with her Niall said my daughter is so cute

All of a sudden Niall and harry were fighting because Niall. Said that Vanessa was his daughter but Harry got jealous because that's his daughter to I know I guys will both love her the same right babe right babe I said again yes baby girl I will love her like no other

Harry stop that's Vanessa's dad to

Um hazel u are only 14 I can let u go home wot her unless one of te boys sign the birth certificate

Omg who is gonna sign or will the other getad Perri help me I don't know what to do

Have Harry sign it and then u can easily Chang it when Vanessa's is older or the other way around

But But but but ahhhhhhhhhhh I know what ima do can a girl sign the certificate actually yess okay Perri come sign it then when I die u will have custody of Vanessa

What everybody screamed but I'm the dad both Niall and Harry shouted bit I'm te aunt Perri shouted rubbing it in there face it was so funny

Then the baby came back from eating and started to cry so Perri picked her up then instantly she stopes I was like aww my poor baby she knows her aunt Perri

It was all so cute her first time she open her eyes or started to cry

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