Him im in love and pregnat at 14

When I found out I was pregnant pregnant wot his child will it ruin his life will he want the baby will be all on my own



4. 8 monthes pregnant

Okay I'm now 8 months and me and Niall are very happy Harry is still very jealous about us but he lost his chance with me and this baby so Niall and I are gonna take care of her

Zayn and Perri are getting married and she's having twins I told my mom but don't tell any body else nobody is supposed to know but me and Perri of course

Harry is with this other girl and she is pregnant two with his kid I was so upset because he's not gonna be here for this kd but he will be here for her kid but Niall is with is so we r in good hands

Are wedding is gonna be after the baby is born and she can walk down the aisle with mommy

Ok so Perri is 4 months pregnat and I am 8 months I am due in august and she is due January so my baby girl will be a summer baby and he baby boy will be a winter baby and they will be bffs Lml

Today is my baby shower me and Niall are so excited to see what are baby girl gets and what she will be wearing in her first day home

Me and Niall are at the baby shower his mom planed it so it's really big there had to at least a thousand people and over a million presents for this little spoiled girl but the only person who didn't show was Harry but his girlfriend sure did

I was so excited seeing hazel opening nessas present

she got every. Thing u could possibly thnk a baby would needs she got 400 packs of wipes 450 boxes of diapers 12 bathtubs and 300 body wash and lotion and towels sets she is all ready to oh and 45 safety kits and 27 duper bags she is spoiled and she's not even born yet

I am so exited to be a dad and hazel is so ready to be A mom and they boys are so ready to be uncles except Harry Lml jealous bitch

We r home unpacking all of the baby's stuff we got from the baby shower oh yeah me and Niall bought a house together right next to Perri and Zayn

They are so ex tire they are having a little boy

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