Four teens are chosen to investigate the misshappen mysteries of a small quiet town. Something serious is about to go down. So stay on your feet and keep your eyes open because this is not a movie. Things don't go in slow motion.


1. Prologue

"This can't go on much longer Mayor. People are dying and going missing. Someone needs to stop this madness, it's twisted and cruel. What if something like this happened to Momiji, how would you react? Huh?" Crocketts speech ended with his voice raising an octave which he inwardly cursed himself for.

But the Mayor didn't have an answer, he just stared at his assistant baffled. Mr Crockett never talked back to him, it was quite unheard of. So when he had that big blow up Mayor Johnson wasn't in even the slightest prepared.

Crockett very much enjoyed the current situation that he had placed the Mayor in.

He deserved to be rendered silent; he thought proudly.

He straightened his blazer, ran a hand through his hair, and cleared his throat. He was going to walk out of the room with the last words.

"Now think about that before you make your next decision. Thanks." All that Mayor Johnson could manage was a etiolated nod of his head. Crockett chuckled darkly in his mind before leaving the room in lengthy strides.

It had been a week since Crocketts big outburst and 3 days since the Mayor had announced that there would be investigators coming to the Johnson house on Monday. The town was buzzing with joy when Monday came and eveyone was looking out the windows waiting for the investigators to walk out of the Mayors house proud and confident. They were expecting people dressed in nice professional business clothes. But instead what they got was four lanky and unceartain looking teenagers dressed in casual clothes.

Everyone watched as the four teens shuffled into the black jeep that was waiting outside for them and drove off. After that everyone seemed gloomy. Little did they now that those kids were going to bring that rotten killer to justice.

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