Dark Love

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  • Published: 15 Jul 2014
  • Updated: 29 Dec 2014
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Did You-Know-Who really die? Or, did he fake it, plotting the biggest war the world, Muggle or Witch/wizard has ever known?

Dramione ship.


5. Draco POV

"My Lord, please! I'll tell you what the Mudblood isn't."

"No, Draco. She must be the one to tell me."

"But why, my Lord?"

"Don't question me!"

I step back, terrified. "Y-y-yes my Lord."

"Good. Now go see your family."

I bow and leave.

Along the way to see my family, I think. Hermione... I haven't seen her in over a week. Is she okay? Is she alive? What's happening to her? Has she revealed anything yet? She has a tendency to bend under pressure and pain... I hope for her sake as well as mine and the rest of the worlds' that she is okay.

"Oh, my son! Draco! Come here!" My mother smothers me in a tight hug. My father just gives me a stiff nod. Well hello to you to, father. "We were so worried! Weren't we, Lucius?"

He just nods again. He knows, I think.

Playing the role of the Dark Lord's faithful servant, I answer, "there was no reason for you to worry. My Lord takes good care of me."

That was too much for Cissy, who leaves, saying something about thanking the Dark Lord.

"So, Draco."


"What has our Lord been assigning you? And what are you hiding from me?"

"Our Lord wishes for that to be kept between us." I hope he doesn't notice that I purposely ignored his other question.

"Draco, I can tell you're hiding something." Crap.

I do my best to act casual. "Hiding something? Naw."

"Tell me, my son." Said Lucius, his eyes leering.

"I am not hiding anything!" Anger burns through me like a vicious snake.

"Yes, you are."

Something inside of me snapped. "You should know! You've been spying on me! I've seen your eyes follow me!"

Before my father can say anything in return, Mother walks back in. "What's happening between you two? You always get along!" She's a sharp one, my mother.

"Nothing, my love."

"Oh, well, in that case, our Lord wants to see you, Draco."

My insides burned with fear that I hoped didn't show on my face. "Thank you, Mother."

Voldemort looked angry. "Draco! Come here!"

"What is it, My Lord?"

"The girl won't tell me anything! It's your turn!"

"My turn to do what, my Lord?"

"Try to get information!"

"Didn't the potion work, my Lord?"

"No." His voice was suddenly dangerously calm.

"I shall go and try to coax information out of her, my Lord."

"Good. Go."

"Yes, my Lord."

Hermione was easy to spot. Her milky white skin stood out against the darkness of the prison. "Hermione!"

Her voice was small, but it projected. "Who is- Draco? Is that you?"

I break into a grin. "Yes it's me Hermione!"


She looked worse than I expected. Her veins stood out like bruises against her pale skin. Long, deep cuts ran up her arms and down her face that were sure to leave scars.

"Don't worry, Hermione, I'll get you out." I start fiddling with the lock. If I had a pin-

"Don't, Draco. Please." She looked up at me with those big eyes of hers, and I had to obey.

"What are they doing to you?"

"The Curse. Sometimes they get their hands on me," said Hermione, gesturing to her cuts.

"They're going to kill you!"

"No... They need me as bait for Harry and the rest of Dumbledore's Army."


"What? Is something wrong?"

"Ron is a Death Eater."

"What? No!"

"Yes. I'm sorry... But you deserve to know." I said, kissing her hand."

Then, Voldemort's magically amplified voice reaches me. "Draco Malfoy!" He sounded very angry. "See me at once!"

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