Knock, knock

"He had these brown eyes that you could see the universe with. And light brown hair that was combed up." Angel doesn't know where to find love and doesn't care. Until a new kid from school changes her definition of love with two words :
" Knock, Knock". #myles #angel #love #knock #knock #romance


1. My name is Myles

Silence. Wonderful silence. All is at peace in my room, in my head. Until the buzzing tune of the alarm shatters my relaxation. I rub my tired eyes as I slowly roll out of the warm bed and tap the alarm off to maintain the silence. As you can see, I am not a morning person. Especially because of school. I go over to the mirror just to catch an awful glimpse of myself. Because of late night calls with Kaitlyn, my best friend, it's obvious for everyone to see the dark circles on my eyes. I walk over to my closet to find something actually decent but not too decent to wear. After the usual daily routine , I go to put on a little make up just so my bags are seen a little less. As I get ready I hear a faded ringtone. I move the bedcovers to get my phone and see that Kaitlyn is surprisingly awake.

Kaitlyn: Mornin' boo.

With phone in my hand I grab my bag and hop along down the stairs to the kitchen to grab some breakfast. I take a bagel and hang it from my mouth to freely use my hands to text Kaitlyn.

Angel: Heyy. What woke u up on time?

Kaitlyn: idk.. Omg I have to tell something at school!

Angel: is it a good thing?

Kaitlyn: um, duh..

Angel: ok, then I can't wait to hear it.

Kaitlyn: yasss ok see u at school. Luv ya byee

Angel: see ya hun lol

I put my phone in my back pocket, grab my bag , my bagel and keys and head to the car. It's sad that I have no idea what car it is but everyone says it's a sweet car so I just agree.

I get in the car and put the half- eaten bagel in my mouth to head off to the wonderful, or so they call it, Englewood High, School of the Performing Arts. People say that the school is filthy rich and the kids that go there are spoiled and snobby but in reality, it's just like any other local school... Well, I hope so.

I pull in to a spot close to the school and grab my things as I notice an unfamiliar car park right next to me. As I try to identify the old rusty car and why it's here , the door opens. A guy, a stranger gets out and immediately looks at me in confusion.

" Um, hey.." He gently smiles and rubs the back of his neck then turns to get his stuff.

I stand there-- frozen in thought at how beautiful he is. But I shake the thought and slap my self- consciousness for making me look so stupid.

I push out a shaky "hi." and grab my things to go. As I lean, I notice him glancing at me and smiling. I laugh to myself and try to recollect my cool.

As I start walking I let out a simple "have a nice day," and continue to head to school. Is he new? I've never seen him around but with about 5,000 people that attend my school it's hard to really know anyone well. He had these brown eyes that you could see the universe with. And light brown hair that was combed up. I study the thought of him but shake it for the second time, knowing a chance with him is slim to none.

When I walk in I notice Kaitlyn from the end of the hallway at her locker. I smile at the thought of what she could be telling me and head to my locker. Just as I close it, Kaitlyn is heading my way, her face beaming.

"So, what is it," I say as we lock arms and head to our first class.

"Well, remember that little chat we had yesterday?"

"That was a little chat? Um ok yeah"

"So during our call I got a text from Bryan and we started talking about stuff and he was all cute so I started flirting and he flirted back so by the end of the call he freakin said he liked me and couldn't wait to see me today!"

We both shrieked at how amazing the news was. But obviously the quarterback would love to date the head cheerleader and the principals daughter. Still, I felt happy for her and hoped that whatever happens I can stick with her.

This is exactly what I dreaded, though- coming to school and seeing how happy and complete everyone is. Now my best friend has a potential boyfriend and I'm still the lonely one.

All me and Kaitlyn did during boring geography class was pass notes which made the class a lot quicker. The bell rang allowing me and Kaitlyn to go our separate ways and for me to go to my favorite class, art.

I walk in and notice easels sets up around the room.

" Wait, are we.... painting? Finally painting?!" I smile and jump at the excitement of expression.

"Yes, Angel. I remembered how creative the class was the last time I did this and decided to do it again," Mr. Matthews , my art teacher and my second dad, stated. He laughed and we both hugged as I went to find the perfect spot to paint.

I always love to paint right next to the door for some reason so I chose the easel closest to that area and set my things down as people started coming in.

" Alright you munchkins, time to create. You have the whole class to work on this and take it home to finish. Ready, set, paint!" And we were all off. Everyone in their own head, everything quiet. I get the paint to the exact color and just as I lay one clean line of paint I get shaken by the loud opening of the door.

Not only is my line on the canvas messed up but as I turn to see the idiot that did this, I accidentally make another line on.... Oh, the new kid. I immediately remove the brush from his beautiful shirt and try to wipe it off.

I breathe out " I'm sorry" from my lips and look up to see how angry he is. I get mistaken when I notice he's not angry at all. He's actually smirking. Not the kind of smirk you get when a guy flirts with you but a smirk that makes you melt inside.

He grabs the wrist I'm trying to clean the paint off with and looks me in the eye " No it's okay," he smiles "My bad."

I stupidly nod and turn back to my canvas as he walks to Mr.Matthews. Every one in the class is not painting but staring at me. I roll my eyes and laugh thinking about how gorgeous his eyes, everything was and how after me messing up his shirt he still smiles.

"Class, we have a new munchkin. Munchkin why don't you just tell the family your name and something cool about you."

" Um yeah sure... My name is Myles. I really like art, obviously and um.... I'm a munchkin now."

He shows the widest smile as everyone claps and I notice the girls fanning themselves. This is why I can't date a person like him- for people like them.

Art quickly ends and I keep thinking about him through the rest of the day. Just as school ends I get my stuff and go to the parking lot just as I remember that Myles had parked next to me.

I quickly walk to my car, hoping he doesn't see my face again. By just as I'm about to open the car door I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn to see that's it's the person I was trying to avoid, Myles.

"You dropped this," he hands me a piece of paper.

" Uh, I don't think I did, sorry."

" Yeah, I know I was just trying to find a reason to talk to you real quick." I stand there in shock but snap back into reality.

"Oh um... You wanted to talk to... Me?"

"Yeah.... About the paint thing I--"

"OH I'm soo sorry about that.... Ugh that was so stupid"

"No,no it wasn't. It's all good. But hey, my friends tell me you're the daughter of those people that own that recording studio, right?"

" Oh yeah.... Right." Let me guess, he wants me for the money.

"Well my parents owned a recording studio back in Canada and I think they're having dinner with your parents tonight."

"Really? Oh that's cool I didn't know that." Crap , that means he might be coming too.

"Yeah. So I was wondering if you're gonna be around when my parents and your parents have that meeting so I'm not the only teenager."

"Yeah I'm gonna be there. My parents love introducing me to so many people so by the end of the night your parents will know me well don't worry" I smile and chuckle a bit. He laughs to himself and rubs the back of his neck. Ive been finding that to be extremely attractive.

"Alright great. Um I'll see you at your house then."

"Okay bye see ya."

"Alright" he waves and smiles as he walks to his car. We both pull away and start heading different directions.

~~~~heyy! Hoped you liked this very first chapter. The only way I will write more is if I get some support so after reading this please comment something and I'll totally add some more. I feel like this is gonna be a great experience... BYEEE! <3

~~ @angiefab824

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