It Can't Rain All the Time.

Andrea Blake always thought Draco Malfoy was a self-absorbed prick, but what happens when he shows a side of himself that makes her question everything, even her relationship with Harry Potter?


16. Chapter Sixteen.


I looked up from the Transfiguration essay I was working on in the library and found Pansy Parkinson standing in front of the table. Great, my day just got a whole lot worse and did I mention I disliked her?


She pulled out a chair and sat down, along with her other friends that I forgot the names of.

“Blake, Blake, Blake,“ she leaned forward to put her elbows on the table then stared at me. “How’s the homework?”

I arched an eyebrow and crossed my arms across my chest, “What do you want Parkinson? I know you didn’t come here just to chit chat.”

“Straight to the point,” she leaned back in her chair and winked. “I knew I always liked you.”

“Parkinson,” I growled in annoyance.

She laughed then looked at me with grin, “I know.”

“Know what?” I asked then looked at her with a sad expression, “Did you finally realize you’re mentally ill? I’ve been trying to tell you that for the past couple of years.”

She glared and got up to stand next to my chair, “I know about you and Drakie.”

I tried to look at her with a confused look, “What about Malfoy and I?”

“That you two are together,” she stared at me like she won the lottery.

Well, crap. There is no way she could’ve known because we were so careful, so how could she have figured it out?

“Seriously?” I laughed to try to play it off. “Now, I know you have really gone off the deep end because Malfoy and I would never been together.”

She looked back at her friends with a known expression then back at me and leaned forward to whisper in my ear, “I’ve loved you for a long time Andrea Blake.”

My heart skipped a beat in fear as she pulled away with a smile, but I couldn’t let her know she got to me. I leaned forward and folded my hands together with an emotionless expression.

“What do you want?”

“What makes you think I want something?” she asked in a confused tone, not sure why I didn’t look scared.

“You didn’t tell me because you just wanted to Parkinson,” I sighed in defeat. “So again, what do you want?”

“You admit it?” 


She sat back down with a smirk and pulled herself closer to my chair, “Let’s make a deal then.”

I walked through the hallway towards the Slytherin common room to find Draco after chatting with Parkinson.  She wanted me to break up with him and if I didn’t, she’d tell Harry that I haven’t been faithful for the past six months. I told her that he wouldn’t buy it then she showed me a picture from last night of Draco and I kissing without our masks. I agreed but it was never going to happen. Sighing, I rounded a corner and followed after a Slytherin as he walked through the portrait then made my way up to the boy’s dormitory.  I was hoping that if I told Draco everything, he’d come up with a better plan and I wouldn’t have to choose between the two just yet. I know that probably makes me kind of selfish, but at this point I didn’t care.

I opened the door to Draco’s room and stopped in the doorway as he kissed some girl passionately like it was the end of the world. Most people would describe this feeling as an unexpected punch to the stomach, but I’d describe it as having my heart ripped out and stomped into tiny little pieces.  I felt my hands ball up into fists so tight that my nails started digging into my palms as the girl was flipped on the bed and Draco threw her shirt onto the floor.

Now, most girls would run out crying and never look back, but I did what I felt was necessary. I walked up, grabbed the girl’s hair tightly between my hands and threw her on the floor, I gripped her neck roughly when she tried to talk.

“I suggest you kept that mouth of yours shut,” I whispered in her face. “Before I do something rash and we don’t want that do we?”

She shook her head no as her face started to get red from the lack of oxygen.

“Good,” I smirked and let go of her. “Now leave before I knock out your teeth.”

She quickly got off the floor, gathered her clothes and ran out the door. I breathed to calm down as my hands shook from anger and heard Draco move off the bed to come near me. He grabbed my hand and opened his mouth to say something, but I didn’t give him a chance because I turned around and punched him in the face. Grabbing his jaw, he looked at me with a shocked expression as I ripped my hand away and stared at him as tears started to run down my cheeks.

“It’s over,” I told him with an angry tone. “You will not speak, touch, or come anywhere near me.”

I didn’t give him a chance to answer as I turned and walked out of the door to make my way towards the Gryffindor Tower. As I walked in, there were numerous amounts of people dancing around and drinking as some stood in corners to make out. Catching the site of the bar ahead, I walked by Hermione, who tried to talk to me, and took the bottle of Vodka. I grabbed Harry and allowed the alcohol to make everything disappear.


Sorry, I had too :( Some kind of drama had to happen between the two or it wouldn't be a story :) Anyway, did you guys guess correctly on the mystery person? I hope so! If not then that's okay too :) I have some important news to tell everyone and I hope you don't kill me :( This story will be completed soon. I have about two chapters left, without including the epilouge. Don't worry though! I have another story ready to put up after this one ends! It involves Hermione and Draco :) I know it will be hard to say goodbye to Andrea and Draco, but it's time :(

P.S. Thank you Looney Lovegood, IrishBoy, AllFandoms2002, JustAsSaneAsLuna, and Collin for the lovely comments!

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