In Vegas

Fake ID's. Check. Alcohol.Check.One Direction.Check.
How wild can a night in Las Vegas get?


3. 9 pm

“Ashley!” I shouted as I chased after her.
When I finally caught up to her, I tiredly asked, “What are you going to do?”
“We can chase them in a taxi.” I suggested.
“No…” Ashley replied. “Come on.”
Ashley led me to the back of the club where the valet parked all the cars. 
“What are doing here, Ashley?” I asked, while Ashley looked around the lot.
She ignored me while going up to a SUV and trying to open the trunk. Was she planning to steal a car?
When the trunk wouldn’t open, Ashley took a hair pin from her hair and tried to unlock the lock.
“Are you crazy?” I asked.
“No, just very desperate.” Ashley responded. Obviously.
“Are we going to steal this van?” I asked.
“No. We are just going to sit quietly in the back.” She declared as she yank the trunk open. Thank god the alarm did not go off.
Sit quietly in the back?! Is she trying to get us kidnapped?!
“Why would we just sit in some stranger’s van, Ashley?” I asked in disbelief.
“It’s not some stranger’s van…it’s One Direction’s van.” Ashley stated while directing me to the van’s trunk.
“How do you know these things?” I asked her.
“The things you can find on the internet.” She declared while holding up her smartphone.
“What if, it’s just a look alike?” I argued bv. I do not want to get kidnapped, raped, and then killed in Vegas. I am not even 18 yet, I have a life to live, you know. 
“The license plate number match. Now get in!” She demanded, while pulling us towards the trunk.
“You better be right.” I declared while beginning to move towards the van.
Footsteps started to approach the lot, and the Ashley immediately pulled me into the trunk and closed it. She then motioned me to stay quiet.  We hid on the floor of the van trunk while the car door opens and people came into the car. The van then started to drive off. I had a quiet freak out. Oh My God. We are going to get killed. Ashley took a tiny peek up from behind the seat and then came back towards the floor. She gave us a thumbs up. Did that means that we actually in One Direction’s van. That did not make me feel better. We sneaked into One Direction’s van. We might get arrested and set to prison. I started to freak out and thrash around on the floor. Ashley tried to hold my feet together and covered my face with her hands. 
“Did you hear that?” One of the passengers proclaimed.
I immediately stopped thrashing around. Oh no.
“Hear what?” Another person replied.
“Noise. I think it was from the back.” The first passenger responded.
As I person turned to look over the seat into the trunk. Ashley went up and exclaimed. “Hi.”
And the screaming began.

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