In Vegas

Fake ID's. Check. Alcohol.Check.One Direction.Check.
How wild can a night in Las Vegas get?


5. 11pm

 “How are we supposed to know which room are theirs?” I tried to ask quietly as possible. We were in the aisle of the hotel which we thought One Direction was staying.
Ashley served as a distraction at the front desk while I sneaked to the elevator. A minute later, she asked to use the bathroom and then meet me on the second floor then. 
“This is such a bad idea.” I complained. ‘We can’t break into every hotel room.”
“We don’t have to. We’ll just check out the room which has their lights out.” Ashley suggested.
“That’s still a lot of rooms, Ash.” I stated.
We then heard voices from the corner.  Ashley pushed me to the stairway. As the voices passed, Ashley stuck out her head to see who it was. She then motion us to look too. It was Niall and Zayn. They were trying to get into a hotel room. 
“Bingo.” Ashley whispered to us. 
When Niall and Zayn was gone from the hall way. We emerged from the stair case.
“We can’t just knock one their door, and ask to come in, can we?” I stated.
“Well, you can. I’ll be a good distraction when I try to go through their window.” Ashley replied.
Was this girl crazy?
Before I could respond to her crazy idea, Ashley was already marching down the hallway.
I ran after her. She then started to pick the lock of the door of the room next to where we saw the boys entered.
“Wait, what if the person is awake?” I asked her.
“Most likely they are not. The lights are out. I’m just sneaking through and using their window.” She mentioned like it was not big deal. “Just go to their door and distract them.” She added.
I reluctantly oblige.  I initially knocked softly on the door, then waited a moment. When no one came out, I knocked louder. I saw the lock twisted. I stepped back from the door and considered running away, however, I did not.  It was Harry.
He looked surprise to see me, and I was sure that I looked surprise to see him also.
“Hi.” I managed to crook out.
“Hello.” He responded with a confused smile.
“Hi.” I repeated again out of nervousness. “I just came to say hi. I’m not stalking you are anything.” I blurted out. “I am the girl from the whole car incident.” I added, just to make sure he remember me.
“I remember.” He responded. “And, I never accused you of stalking me.”
 “Good. Because I’m not.” I trailed off.
“Ok…” We stood there in a moment of silence.
“So…Is Louis there?” I asked in a attempt to develop a conversation and seize the awkward silence.
“Yeah.” He replied while looking over his shoulder, seemingly looking for Louis.
“Oh, I just wanted to talk him for saving me at the club. I really appreciated it.” I declared.
“Do you want to tell him yourself?” He asked.
“No!” I shouted. Talking to one super celebrity is all I could handle at this time. “You can just past on the message.” I requested.
“Ok, I will.” He replied with a smile.
Just then there was a loud noise of something breaking from inside the suite which startled both Harry and I. Then a second later, someone shouted, “What the hell?” then added. “That’s it, I’m calling the police.”


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