In Vegas

Fake ID's. Check. Alcohol.Check.One Direction.Check.
How wild can a night in Las Vegas get?


4. 10 pm

“What the hell are you doing in here?” Someone proclaimed in an Irish accent.
“Opps…Wrong Van?” Ashley responded with coy. 
She then proceeded to climb over the seat. “Not that I mind.” She added.
“Leila.” She called out after a minute. I’m sure they looked at her like she was crazy.
“Wait, there is someone else !?” Zayn exclaimed.
I popped out from behind the seat.  They boys turned to stare at me  in disbelief.
“This is crazy!” Liam shouted. “You sneaked into our car?” He added.
“Well, we didn’t sneak in. We just happened to be in here. It’s your fault for not checking the back seat.” Ashley rebutted.
“My fault!” Liam scoffed. “You were not supposed to be in here!”
The two of them kept bickering back and forth, when Louis declared, “Wait, aren’t you the girl from the bathroom?”
He remembers me? Oh my God, he remembers me! I couldn’t help but be happy in that moment. 
“The bathroom? What happened there?” Harry said looking at Louis and me suspiciously. 
“It’s nothing like that, Harry.” Louis replied without looking away from me.
“That’s it! Driver, stop the car.” Liam suddenly proclaimed. 
The van came to a sudden halt. “Get out!” Liam demanded.
Is he serious? He can’t be. 
“Liam, we can’t just put them out in the middle of the highway.” Louis argued.
“Well then we can pull over then let the out.” Liam continued.
“No, mate, we can’t just leave them on the road side either.” Niall jumped in. Thank you Niall.
“Yes, we can.” Liam argued. “They came into OUR van, remember.”
“But leaving them on the street is no better.” Harry butted in. 
“Do you know the address for your hotel or something?” Louis asked me.
I nodded. But before I could tell him. Ashley proclaimed, “There’s no need for that. We wouldn’t want to put you out of your way. Just drive to where you are going, and we will find our way from there.” 
“No way, I’m letting you crazy girls see where we’re staying. “Liam disagreed. Crazy girls? That hurted.
“We have better things to do than stalk you guys?” Ashley responded.
Liam raised his eyebrow at her, like he was saying “Ohh, really?”
When we reached to a hotel, the boys let us out there. As soon as they drove away, I searched for my phone, then tried to hail a taxi. Ashley stopped me.
“What are you doing?” I asked her.
“What are you doing?” Ashley replied. “We’re not leaving here.”
“I thought that we had better things to do than to stalk them?” I interrupted.
“Do we?” Ashley asked pretending to be clueless. She then laughed and started to use her phone.
“We just need to find a way in.” She commented.
“Ok. Sneaking into a van. Illegal but not that bad, you played it off quite coyly. Sneaking into a hotel room. We can get arrested for trespassing and you can’t play that off as confusion.” I lectured.
“Just relax, we aren’t going to get caught.” Ashley replied. “We’ll go in when they are sleeping, and we’ll just talk some pictures. And maybe take some souvenirs.” She added carelessly.
“Trespassing and stealing. Are you crazy?!” I exclaimed.
“No…Just very desperate.” She replied with a wide grin. Obviously. 


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