Coding One Direction

Lily is a recent college graduate with a Bachelors in Computer Science . From childhood, she has always dreamed of working for a video game company. However, she is stuck with the job of being a video graphic designer for One Direction. How will Lily's dreams and life change when the boys notice and find themselves fascinated by her?


8. Chapter 7

Liam was on his laptop when I found him.
I went to sit beside him. He turned and look at me briefly but did not speak to me.
I guess I had to start the conversation.
It might be a good idea to apologize. "I'm sorry for calling you Louis."
"It's ok." He said softly without turning.
"I have something to show you." 
He turned to me expectedly.
I placed the laptop in front of him, and proceeded to show him my creation.
In the end, he said he lied it but also recommended that I shaded and contoured the buildings a little lighter.
I agreed with him.
Lastly, and probably the trickiest, was Louis. I would say that he is the trickiest because although he is mischievous, he seem to have his serious, somber moments. He wasn’t like Harry who is seemingly flirting and joking all the time and he wasn’t like Zayn who was reserved. He seemed in between. He is complex. Anyway I had to get this over with.
 I was informed that he was in his dressing room. I lightly knocked at his door, secretly hoping that he wasn’t there and possible wasn’t even in today so that I won’t have to confront him. I don’t know why but he intimidated me the most. A short while after my first knock, the door opened and Louis was standing there with an expectant look on his face.
“I just need to show you something.” I stated while turning the laptop screen to him.
He turned and walked away from the door, not saying anything to me. What was he doing? See, what I said? Complex.
“Well, come in.” He stated after a moment.
Did he just expect me to walk in after him? 
I tried not to show how startled I was as I proceeded to go into his dressing room.
As he sat on a coach, I stood in front of him awkwardly. 
“Close the door.” He commanded. 
I turned and closed the door immediately then went back to my original awkward position.
“Do I have to ask you to sit?” He stated with a raised eyebrow. 
My nerves caused me to find the closest seat possible to sit, which was beside him on the coach.   
I then proceeded to show him my works.
At the end of my explanation, Louis stated, “Should I pretend I even know what you were talking about?”
At least he was honest. I gave him a small smile. I still went on to ask him if he liked it.
He responded, “Sure, but you know it doesn’t really matter if I like it or not, right?”
He then continued, “We are still going to use your stupid graphics.”
My stupid graphics. I tried to get offended.
I nodded my head slightly and got up to leave. But on my way out, Louis stopped me by asking, “Are you coming to our movie premiere tonight?” 
The truth was I could care less about their stupid movie premiere, but I politely stated, “No, I can’t, I’m busy.”
“Doing what?” He rebutted. Why the hell does he care so much?
“Friends…” I tried to lie, then added, “Plus, I have work to catch up on.”
“Coming to the premiere will be like work. You do work for us, you know.” He stated in a matter-of-fact manner.
“Well, I doubt that they will pay me if I decide to go.” I argued. If they were, I would consider going, although it would be meaningless to me. I could use the extra money. 
“I can get them to.” He responded. 
He would really do that? Wow, he was really banking for me to go to their stupid movie premiere. 
“If you do that, I might consider coming.” I stated trying to seem nonchalant.
I think I saw him smile as I exited his dressing room. 


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