Coding One Direction

Lily is a recent college graduate with a Bachelors in Computer Science . From childhood, she has always dreamed of working for a video game company. However, she is stuck with the job of being a video graphic designer for One Direction. How will Lily's dreams and life change when the boys notice and find themselves fascinated by her?


6. Chapter 5

It was 7 pm. I stayed over time because I wanted to get ahead. I packed up to prepare to leave. As I approached the lobby, I saw a crowd there. What was happening?
As I got closer I saw the boys of One Direction. Of course, it had to be something involving them.
Whenever there are around, shit happens.
"What's going on?" I asked to no one in particular.
"Paparazzi."  Someone replied.
Great. Now, when all I want is to go home and enjoy a bath, I am trapped here, because of them.
"Is there somewhere the boys can get out from?" Someone asked loudly.
Ohhh, We need to get them out, because only them had places to go. Entitled little brats.
"What about us?" Someone exclaimed.
Yeah, what about us. Why do they get special privileges to get out before everyone else? Because they are famous. God, I hate elitism.
"The paparazzi is here because the boys are here. The sooner we get them out the easier it will be for everyone else to leave." 
They had a point. But I am still angry. This is why I don't want to be around them. Shit happens. Bad shit.
"There is a backdoor exit." I exclaimed. I just want to get these idiots out of here so that I can get home.
"Good, Who said that?"
I raised my hand. Everyone turned to look at me. I cowered. I hate being the center of attention.
"Show me." The person who I assume is their bodyguard demanded.
I turned to show them the exit. As they proceed to exit, Niall proclaimed, "Thanks, Lily." and hugged me.
Ahmm…Personal space, please. I just stood awkwardly as he hugged me. It lasted for a few seconds and then he went through the back door exit.  The others just smiled at me. 
Their bodyguard thanked me before exited after them.
I turned around to see the entire office staring at me.
 "So you saved One Direction?" Taylor said in disbelief.
"Well, I didn't save them. There was no impending danger. I just showed them an alternate exit. No big deal." 
"That's a pretty big deal. You 'helped' One Direction!" She proclaimed.
"No, it's not… A lot of people 'help' them daily by putting money in their exponential bank accounts." I rebutted.
"That's not the same. Stop being so modest." 
I rolled my eyes, not having anything else to say.
" I want to thank you for yesterday." The black hair one said approaching me the next morning.
"No problem."
He smiled and walked away.
I like him. He just said what he needed to and left me alone. Why can't the other's be like that? Just say what they needed to without trying to be buddy-buddy with me?
I know I should be technically happy that mega-superstars even notice me, much least talk to me. Most girls on this planet would be. But I am not good at making friends. I only had one friend throughout my life, Taylor. Everybody else were just…acquaintances. Even if they are mega-superstars, I'm going to treat them like normal guys, because I  hate elitism. If we are going to be friends, I needed to know the real them, not the people they show the rest of the world.


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