Coding One Direction

Lily is a recent college graduate with a Bachelors in Computer Science . From childhood, she has always dreamed of working for a video game company. However, she is stuck with the job of being a video graphic designer for One Direction. How will Lily's dreams and life change when the boys notice and find themselves fascinated by her?


3. Chapter 2

"So did you start working on my idea yet?" Ashley confronted me, the second I came into work.
"Ashley, I did say the first thing in the morning." I tried not to show much of my annoyance.
"Well, why are you still talking to me? Chop chop. I need a model by noon." Can I slap this girl? No, I'll get fired. I just gave her my best fake smile. 
Four torturous years of college and studying to work with these idiots. It was definitely not worth it.

"Lily, I suppose that you have the graphics ready?"
You suppose right. "Yes, I do"
"Great. Come."
Come? Come!? What am I? A dog?
I just went because I need this job.
When Ashley and I entered the conference room, it was already filled with six people.
"This is Lily Hanson, our amazing graphic designer and coder. All the cool graphics in your music videos is due to her." Ashley said boastfully.
Is this girl for real? Omg, she is such a hypocrite.
I smiled grimly and avoided eye contact with anyone in the room.
"Hi, Lily." A blond boy shouted while he shoved a hand full of potato chips in his mouth. What's his name again? The one I heard likes to eat. Ohh, Neil. Right?
"Hi" I replied quietly, keeping my head down then biting my lips. I do that when I am nervous. Wait, why am I nervous? Not like I'm trying to impress them, right. I don't care what they think of me. With that, I got braver and lifted my head slightly.
Looking around at each of the boys in the room, I must admit that they are 'proper eye candies'. But arrogant, snobbish eye candies no less.
"Earth to Lily" I snapped out of my apparent trance to Ashley hands waving in front of my face. "Set up the presentation, the boys don't have all day." 
I smiled shyly, while walking to the computer. I tripped slightly over a chair foot but managed to catch myself. I glanced a look at the curly hair one as he smirked at me. I looked away. I'll just ignore him.
The silence in the room was awkward as I attempted to set up the presentation. Everyone else in the room seemed impatient. The brown-eyed one looked at me with pity. Like I needed to be damn pitied. The black hair one looked around the room. The brown hair one tapped his finger on the desk as he stared at me. That was annoying. The blond one was just eating his potato chips happily, seemingly unconscious about what was going on in the room. Why the hell is he so happy? I hate when people are so happy when I'm miserable. The curly haired one just smirked at me. I already despised that one. He striked me as the most arrogant. 
"Please take your time. It's not like we have better things to do." The older guy, who I assumed is the manager, drawled.
"I'm sorry." I replied. He just shook his head.
After I finally got the presentation all step up, I proceed to the front of the room.
"Hi" I started. They all started expectantly. The brown-eyed one smiled at me.
"Ok…so, the idea is that for your next music video you guys acts as robots in a futuristic world where humans use robots as slave... It would go hand in hand with your song which is about loving someone you shouldn't. We should be able to use a green screen for most of the videos then you will be edited into the world that I created. The world that I am working on is inspired by the world in the video game …"
"Ohh, I love that game." The blond one mentioned.
"Great…It should be finished in a few weeks." I replied.
Everyone just stared at me. What's with the staring? Did I have something on my face? 
"I love it." The blond one said and started clapping. Everyone started to stare at him and then he stopped.
"It's a little underdeveloped, but we can work with it." The brown-eyed one joined in.
Underdeveloped? I say, it's pretty damn good for something that I started this morning. If it is so 'underdeveloped' why don’t you go build your own graphics for your damn video.
Ranting in my head is something I do often, as you can already see.
"We'll work with it. Ashley, thank you for presentation, but we have to go now. The boys have a press meeting at 2."
The last time I checked I did the presentation. But it was Ashley's idea in the first place. I guess that she is not as stupid as a thought.
The boys got up to leave. Ashley shook the hand of the manager as the boys exited. The blond turned and said "Bye, Lily" and waved like a five years old kid.
I reluctantly waved back.
When they finally left, Ashley turned to me and said, "Well that was not too bad."
Not…bad? I want to throw up.

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