Fighting For Her Love

Hi my name is Alison i am from Miami and i am 19 years old and i am in love with 2 boys their names are Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne i really don't know who to chose i love them both at the same time i have 6 BFFS who are helping me throw this.

Find Out Who Wins Alison is it gonna be Liam or Louis read on to find out more...-Alison


4. Victoria Secret Fashion Show/ Falling In Love


Alison's POV

I went back to the DASH store and saw Kylie Kendall Khloe Kim and Kourtney.


"Hey Ali"

"Hey Kylie"

"R u ready get in your dress"


i putted on my dress ad some people did my hair and makeup. i was finished.

"OMG u look beautiful"

"Thanks Kendall"

We WEnt in to car and drove to the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. we walked on the carpet. and i posed for a pic.

-1 Hour Later-

The Fashion show was finished and Kendall showed me to her BoyFriend Harry and his friends. I met Harry Zayn and Niall but finally i met the 2 handsome boy Liam and Louis. im in  love with 2 boys from the same boyband.and I dont know who i want their both funny and cute and respectful i dont know who i want.

Liam's POV

When i met Alison i fell in love with her she is so beautiful and funny and smart. i hope that she likes me back.

Louis POV

I saw the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world and her name is Alison she is funny smart and beautiful at the same time. i really like her and i hope she does to.

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